Inflation and food shortages are “about to get much worse”.

by Ice Age farms

We peer at the convergence of several scenarios – each one of which is a significant and life-changing event – that conspire together in a dangerous and burning situation: food shortages, inflation, and supply chain breakdown.

Today, a new media novel acknowledges the lack of food, and blames animal agriculture, suggesting that we have reached a tipping point in a meltdown.

Expect to speed things up from here. Let’s have a conversation tonight about where we are, where we’re going, and how to prepare.

an introduction: (0:00)
Charge: (4:50)
Economic inflation: (8:56)
Lack of grain (13:07)
Lack of meat (21:56)
Now you must eat GMOs (23:41)
* Huge * shift in narration! (26:24)
Solution (33:08)

Free PDF: 10 Best Books for Surviving Food Shortages and Famine

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