Independence Day/5G: Is everyone sensitive to electricity?

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A man we know used to take his children to play at the top of the mountain where the Dungeon Towers are now. “I remember going up there after the first cell tower was installed. We got out of the car and every hair of my arm stood up. Straight, like this.” Show us. “I knew something was really wrong. I got the kids in the car and got out of there as fast as I could. I never came back.”

Obviously, this man’s body was interacting with the electromagnetic field around the cell tower. Would you say it was electro-sensitive, electro-sensitive, or just normal? If you’re in the presence of man-made pulsating electromagnetic fields, they are bound to have some effect on you. The cell tower is clearly there to do something; It is not inert or decorative.

There are people who question whether EHS/ES is real, and some attribute this condition to a psychological problem. Many people with MS, who know it’s real, want it to be officially considered a disability. Obviously some people (and animals) react more strongly to the presence of EMF, but I would be careful about sticking the labels on the case. I think everyone is sensitive to electricity, because everyone without exception is affected by electromagnetic fields (EMFs). We are electromagnetic beings, after all.

at my last blog, (I know, but…) I pointed out that almost everyone I know is sick in one way or another. All of their cases can be attributed to the presence of man-made electromagnetic fields, and there is a huge body of independent scientific literature to support this controversy. Everyone is affected by electromagnetic fields, whether they are aware of it or not.

Let me give you an example. I have neighbors who don’t have Wi-Fi at home. Until recently, their house did not receive any Wi-Fi signals. Then a young couple moved to the opposite house and turned on the Wi-Fi. Suddenly Gary can’t sleep. Worse, she becomes aggressive and argumentative, always trying to put up a fight. Her husband is now in a permanently bad mood and very depressed. Do they realize that their neighbor’s Wi-Fi is causing these things? They will deny it. They cannot sense electromagnetic fields. Their physical responses say otherwise. Are they compatible?

The truth is that everyone’s physical responses to electromagnetic fields are the same, although symptoms may vary. First, electromagnetic fields cause oxidative stress, which means electrons detach from cells and bounce around the body; They become free radicals. Free radicals reduce the body’s natural immunity, which leads to cancer and other diseases.

Secondly, electromagnetic fields affect the endocrine system. There is a lot of talk about “brain fog” these days. The problem of the condition has become a health show here in Greece. A doctor explained in detail how mast cells from the thyroid gland breach the blood-brain barrier and cause mental confusion.

What the reporter didn’t ask him is how and why this happens. After all, the blood-brain barrier is there to prevent this type of event. So the doctor was not given the opportunity to explain that EMF makes the blood-brain barrier permeable, or that EMF affects our hormonal system, causing the thyroid gland to secrete these mast cells (which it shouldn’t), or that we produce EMF ourselves, with our phones Smartphones are our cell phones, cell phones, wi-fi and cell towers. No, I wouldn’t say that. Telephone companies are big advertisers, and the government insists electromagnetic fields are harmless.

Another effect of electromagnetic fields on the endocrine system is that they stimulate fight-or-flight hormones such as adrenaline. This is especially noticeable with Wi-Fi. A few minutes after entering a Wi-Fi environment, people’s heart rates accelerate, and the release of adrenaline expresses itself in different ways. Some people feel a kind of “rush,” which can then turn into depression. Some people get headaches, feel sick, lose their balance, or feel faint. Others suffer from brain fog. They cannot think clearly or find the words they want to use. Some people become very aggressive. Others are very angry. Everyone has some reactions, because we all without exception respond to the release of hormones into the bloodstream.


anger and anger

Anger has become very visible in society. As we increasingly live in Wi-Fi saturated environments, it’s no surprise if some people can’t control their anger. In fact, they are being tortured. Wi-Fi (or EMFs in general) may be responsible for the wave of mass shootings sweeping the United States and it may turn out that shooters aren’t crazy in the traditional sense but are actually very sensitive to electricity. In that case, are they actually legally responsible for their actions?

Look at what happened to a school teacher in London who developed ES as a result of exposure to Wi-Fi and 5G networks.

Her interesting testimony can be read, “Symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity” Here. She completes:

Violence against others may easily result when a person does not realize that feelings of anger and anger are caused by environmental factors such as Wi-Fi or 5G. Anger has become a common symptom of ES. It is extremely dangerous for both the person who feels it and for society as a whole.

Some people whose bodies react poorly to electromagnetic fields realize that electromagnetic fields cause unpleasant symptoms and try to avoid them. Some people cannot cope at all, and have to live in a place completely free of EMF (which is very difficult to do). For these people, ES is actually a serious disability, effectively preventing them from the workplace, from school, from hospitals (which are full of EMF-emitting electronic equipment) and most social situations. For these people, normal life is over.

So, do we retire them, write them off as “collateral damage” and go with a growing wireless world? Aren’t there always a few people who can’t handle new technologies? This may be due to the discovery of the fire. Even at that time, there was undoubtedly a minority complaining of burns to the fingers and poor night vision.

Since electromagnetic fields cause the same physical processes in everyone, we must all be sensitive to electricity. After all, if no one has heard of ES, no one can know if he has it. Many people attribute the symptoms of ES — restlessness, anger, depression, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, etc. — to stress. People are used to feeling unwell. It’s the new normal. Those who find no reason to feel bad tend to be a soldier. And this, by the way, is most people.

So what can we do about ES? I hesitate to isolate ES – and I think the term Elelctrohypersensitivity does just that, because it implies that there are an unfortunate few who just can’t cope, and that their problem is primarily psychological. The terms “microwave disease” or “radiation sickness” define more precisely what is essentially a medical condition. But is this condition really limited to a very small percentage of the population? If so, the government can afford some disability pensions so that everyone else can continue to use this wonderful technology that makes so few people so wealthy. Classifying ES as a disability may be a useful solution in the short term (what else can you do if ES prevents you from earning a living?) but it gives government ease.

Another alternative is to put an end to the myth that only a few people are sensitive to electricity and to make everyone aware of the amount of perceived illness due to the EMF saturated environment in which we all live. This is not a psychological condition; It is a physical condition resulting from physical processes that affect everyone. And since “everyone” includes leaders who have their fingers on the launch of nuclear weapons, it’s a very frightening situation indeed.

There is a great danger to society in retiring from electrically sensitive items — and at the end of the day, you can’t retire from everyone. Electromagnetic fields are an environmental poison, just like pesticides, or just as arsenic in water supplies is a poison. With any poison, some people have symptoms earlier or more severely — but at the end of the day, everyone gets sick and dies. You are not adapted to poison. kills you. Physical symptoms are warnings that we should not ignore. That’s why we should get rid of wireless technology: it’s a poison, and it’s killing us all.


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