I Toe-d You Marathon training is no joke

Marathon training is not pretty!

New running shoes fail…

Marathon Training Blog Fail Running Shoes

I just got it and wore it for a little while yesterday. I usually take a picture of my new running shoes because they make me so happy, but I was just trying to beat the heat, so I thought I’d do it then.

After a mile, I realized that one of the toenails was hitting the shoe a bit. What happens over and over again is how you get (and sometimes lose) black toenails. Unacceptable!

California is Shankla state all year round. You have to keep it 100%.

So I thought I’d go back to my car, take some money and buy cheap nail clippers from CVS.

But she stopped bugging me so I kept going.

I peeked at my feet at a red light and thought something had splashed on them – boo.

Then I realized it was blood!!? !!

Marathon Training Blog Fail Running Shoes

I was mostly annoyed with my new shoes and kind of laughed.

At this point I’m 9 miles away, dripping sweat waiting for the light – and laughing while looking at my feet.

The damage was done at that point, so I kept running. I ended up running 14.3 miles. I was aiming for 15 but misjudged the road a bit and decided that was good enough (my motto for many things).

I was going to get a pedicure this week but was too anxious to sit still! I used to make this a priority but everything was closed last year so I dropped the ball.

Moral of the story:
1. Make time for a pedicure (or check your nails before long runs).

2. Running isn’t pretty, but it can be fun if you have a sense of humor in it.

In any case. Here are my big feet:

Marathon Training Blog Fail Running Shoes

I took this photo before running to show the fuel I was taking. You are all of my Favorite Clif Shot Blocks So I grabbed this gingerbread dessert.

Marathon Training Blog Fail Running Shoes

In other news…

This lotion smells like pickles. pickles. seriously.

I thought it smelled weird at night, but I couldn’t put it down at first (or maybe I didn’t want to). Then Ben used it and said, ‘Why does this smell like pickles?’ And yes 1000% it does. Now I can’t get rid of the smell and had to get rid of it.

I bought it from a Marshall store because I didn’t use body lotion and didn’t smell good in the store. This will teach me to deviate from my favorite Coconut body lotion favorite scent!! Now I’m happy and smell like a person and not like pickled again. the end.

Running a Marathon Blog Training Update

Questions: How did you react?? How do I get the blood out? Any magic tips??

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