How to start the 28 day weight loss challenge

Longtime Challenge member Nicola Green shares her tips and tricks for getting started, getting the most out of the 28 Day Challenge and getting Weight loss results I’ve always dreamed of it.

Nicola Green is a 33-year-old single mother to a 3-year-old twin who lives in Langoireen, Victoria.

She was following 28 day weight loss challenge Plan meals for a little over a year and have She lost 17 kg and more than 80 cm of her body! She not only broke her weight loss goals but also her health and fitness goals. Nicola is now the most confident and happiest of all.

Here’s Nicola’s story

After I came across an advertisement for Healthy Mummy Program On Facebook, I decided to sign up for the 28 Day Challenge and Healthy mummy juices.

Raising young children is both rewarding and stressful, and as a mother you naturally put your needs after others. One day I decided it was finally time to put myself first.

I wanted to change my life for the better and was excited to think that I could get the amazing results that the other Healthy Mummy Challenge members I was reading about. I knew Dramatic Weight Loss Results It was real. Not photoshop, no losing models, but real women of all ages and sizes – which I loved!

10 tips to help you save money and lose 17 kg

Starting my first 28 day weight loss challenge was both exciting and scary! I was looking forward to my amazing weight loss results which I hope will inspire others one day.

Before the first challenge, I had many questions and ideas running through my head.

  • How will I have time to prepare meals and cook?
  • Will I like the food?
  • Will I lose weight or will I fail like any other weight loss product I have tried?
  • Will it be too difficult?
  • Can I bear it?

I just had to block these thoughts and focus only on one thing:
What if I gave everything I had and it worked out? This is what I did and I haven’t looked back since!

I am very happy that I lost 17 kg and more than 80 cm of my body and regained my confidence again.

As someone who has been doing challenges for over a year, I thought it might be helpful to pass on some tips and tricks I learned along the way.

Meal plan tips and tricks

  • Download the 28 Day Challenge app From the App Store and Watch the tutorial video To start.
  • Plan your meals to suit your needs, tastes, budget and eating habits. The menu plan is fully customizable with thousands of recipes, so take advantage of this great functionality. You don’t need to buy 7 different types of protein for this week. You can switch it. For example prawns can be expensive, so instead I’ll switch to chicken breasts. It may change your calories a little but a small difference in calories won’t affect your overall weight loss.
  • Use what you already have. Don’t go buy things you can’t afford just because it suggests a certain meal on a particular day. Make sure to customize your meal plan according to your eating habits and budget.
  • Repeat meals to save time and money. Don’t feel like you have to eat what is written in the meal or diet plan. There are 6 meals a day out of 7 days a week ie 42 meals a week. Pick and choose what suits your taste and budget and repeat if you wish.

Nicholas Greene Meal Planning for Successful Weight Loss

  • Cook and freeze meals in large quantities So you have backups for alternate days when you can’t bother cooking.

Nicholas-Green-Meal-Prepare for Weight-Loss-Success

  • Plan, prepare, and prepare! Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. If you plan ahead and get things ready to go, there’s no reason why you can’t fail to get that takeaway or that four Tim Tams meal out of the package. Cook things like muffins, cakes, chips and bliss balls as snacks and have them ready to use in the freezer. Chop veggies ready to use at dinner or as a snack with dips.

nicola-green-food-preparation for weight loss

  • make some time for. Try to set aside some time to do some cooking. I take two hours on Sunday to get things ready for the new week ahead. As hard as it is to find time, if you can take the time to prepare, it actually saves you time during the week.
  • Use the shopping list provided in the app. Once you’ve customized your meal plan for the week, print your shopping list from the center. This makes things much faster and easier when you are out shopping.
  • Keep it simple. If time or money is an issue, keep your meal plan simple. You don’t have to bake all the time. Have basic snacks like fruit, nuts, boiled eggs and dip on hand. Don’t tire yourself out thinking you have to bake every snack.
  • Your first store will be the most expensive one but don’t let that hold you back. It’s expensive because you may buy things you don’t already have like chia seeds, almonds, coconut oil, quinoa as well as sauces and condiments. But after the initial store, these are basic items and not something you have to replace every week. Try buying ingredients in bulk or stocking them from places like Aldi or Costco. Check out your local farmers market or just a regular market where you may find some ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables, cheaper.

Exercise tips and tricks

the 28 day weight loss challenge It also provides you with exercises to complete. It’s like having a personal trainer with you no matter where you go.

  • Work out at a time of day that suits you. Don’t feel compelled to exercise early in the morning. Do it when it suits you. Your app will ask you to do three rounds of each exercise. If you don’t have time to complete them all at once, break them up to fit your day. Even if you’ve never exercised before, it’s simple enough to follow.
  • Do not worry about certain exercises that may contain weights. Use the weights only when you are ready. You don’t have to go out and buy weights. Improvise on things in the house. I first started with tin cans. I later increased the weight using 2-liter milk cartons filled with water.
  • The 28 day weight loss challenge app makes exercise easy. The challenge website and app have videos to show you each exercise so you know you’re doing it right. It also has a timer so you can record your workout results. I recommend putting on some music so you won’t even notice your workout! I often encourage my kids to join in. This makes it fun and keeps them active.
  • Choose an exercise program that fits your needs and fitness level. Whether you enjoy cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Or, working with a personal trainer, choose an exercise plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals. In order to achieve your goals, you need to engage in a fitness routine that not only helps you Belly fat lossbuilding muscle or working on toning your body but you also enjoy it.

Nikola Green exercises to supplement the health of the mummy 28 days

Calorie advice

  • Calculate how many calories you should consume. When you first start, you will need to count calories using basal metabolic rate calculator. This will tell you how many calories you should be consuming per day. It will be different for everyone. It may come as a shock to the system to see how many calories you can consume but I assure you that number will be true.
  • Low calories will only starve your body. More calories boosts your metabolism and nourishes your body. I lost 17 kg by eating 1800 calories per day. The difference is that you will now be eating better foods that nourish your body. Just think of your body like a car and your food like gasoline!
  • Counting calories can be a waste of time. If you select recipes from the challenge, the app will automatically add the calories. I don’t count my calories every day. I might count them for a week to get a rough idea of ​​how much I should be eating but you don’t have to count the exact number of calories. As long as you have a good idea of ​​what you should have, that’s fine.
  • If you are breastfeeding, you need to add an additional 500 calories to your total calories. You also need to take care of your body when you have had a cistern, there are many videos for postpartum moms. 28 day weight loss challenge.

How healthy mummy juices help

  • Great meal alternatives. You can replace up to two meals a day with healthy mummy juices. You can do more, but we also recommend getting a balance of good nutritional foods in your diet plan as well.
  • Made in minutes. Amazing as challenging breakfast recipes, except that I have a smoothie most of the morning. I can whip them up in minutes which is perfect when I’m rushing to get myself and the boys ready in the morning.
  • It can be enjoyed on the go. I often take my clothes with me and drink it in the car.
  • saturated and nutritious. They keep me full and satisfied. I used to be the skipper of breakfast until I tried Healthy mummy juices.
  • It can be enjoyed at lunch time as well. A lot of moms replace their lunch with juices as well because they are quick and easy to prepare. Drinking juice prevents you from skipping lunch. Some days I might have the odd juice for lunch if it’s a busy day. If I have a smoothie lunch, I tend to add vegetables to it so I don’t miss a thing.

I hope to be able to reassure and calm those troubling feelings about starting a run 28 day weight loss challenge.

It may seem confusing at first but I promise you it is not. It just takes practice and a little patience. It will soon become second nature to you.

the Facebook group He has amazing support, so if you’re not sure about anything. Never feel that your question is too silly to ask. There will likely be others wondering the exact same thing as you. With over 80,000 members, there is always someone to help.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy all the delicious meals on offer!

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  • A collection of recipes designed by our nutritionists that fit all eating habits including vegan, keto, food intolerance or allergy to help you prepare meals.
  • The My Coach feature in the app provides fitness tips, advice, encouragement, support and more to help you every step of the way.

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