How to Snowboard: Nosepress with Brock Crouch

While winter is for pristine powder days, spring is a great time to improve your snowboarding skills in the terrain park and around the mountain. While beginners should focus initially on learning the basics, intermediate riders will find the park a great place to improve their snowboarding skills and pick up new tricks like the nose.

Before hitting the halfpipe or jumping it’s best to start on the rails and crates. We’ve teamed up with Dew Tour Medalist Stomp Sessions and Brock Crouch to teach you how to do a flat-rail nose compress. With these easy-to-follow professional tips, you’ll learn the best technique to bring out this classic railroad trick.

Introduction to Nosepress

This trick can be done on many garden features. It’s best to learn on a rail or flat box, and then work your way up to larger bars.

Prepare your approach

Nose - approach
Stomp sessions

When approaching the rail, stay level and look at the point where you want your front foot to land on the rail. Use your arms to balance out your preliminary, focusing on that exact spot.

Landing on the railroad

Nosepress - Confinement
Stomp sessions

Once you land on the rail, stabilize the cool spot just below your front foot by pressing your front foot and elevating your back foot. Place your head over your front foot.

Exit strategy

Nose - landing
Stomp sessions

Now that you are caged, look at the end of the rail – this is the key to maintaining nasal pressure. When you get near the end, tap a little – like Nollie, and zip at the end.

Practice finding your sweet spot

Nosepress - Focus on the end of the rail
Stomp sessions

If you slide before reaching the end of the rail, install Nosepress on flat ground without looking over your feet. This will help you find that cool spot, giving you the confidence to look at the end of the rail and lock it.

See Brock’s in full Nosepress Tutorial In Stomp Sessions.

To better understand the basics of Nosepress, see Brock’s BoardSlide Lessons. Once you order Nosepress, you are ready to learn the next level: Nosepress 180 for outside.

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