How to naturally reduce stress with cedar wood lotion

How to naturally reduce stress with cedar wood lotion

When life gets stressful, it is important to protect your emotions.

There are many ways to reduce stress naturally. Some of them seem simple, like get enough sleep and spend time for yourself. But suppose you are super nervous – like you aren’t really sure what you are worried about anymore, but you can’t calm your stressful feelings. In this case, even these so-called “small steps” toward calm can feel elusive.

Essential oils can totally help reduce stress naturally, but not every oil is equally soothing.

Choose essential oils with ingredients proven to relax the nervous system – such as the ingredients Cedrol.

Cedar Wood Oil Helps Reduce Stress Naturally!

Sidrole is found naturally in cedarwood oil.

One study showed that sedrol can relax deeply
Nervous system even without inhaling it.
Topical application was enough to achieve the soothing effects!

But that doesn’t mean that cedar wood oil will make you sleep immediately. You can still use this oil during the day. Depending on what you blend in, the cedar can help you comfort or relieve anxiety as you go about your day.

This recipe is a soothing and comforting cedar lotion that you can use day or night.

It also contains three other oils that can naturally reduce stress and prevent fatigue. I’ll tell you more about it after the recipe!

Cedar Wood Stress Relief Lotion

  • 1 ounce (28 g) of unscented lotion
  • 5 drops of cedarwood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana)
  • 3 drops of cardamom essential oil (Eleitaria Hill)
  • 3 drops of catnip essential oil (Nepita Kataria)
  • 1 drop rose absolute oil (Rosa X Damascene)

Make this mixture in a 1-ounce (30-ml) glass jar.

Put the product in the jar, then add the essential oils. Stir with a glass stir bar. (It may take a few minutes to completely disperse the essential oils at the base of the lotion.)

Cedar Wood Stress Relief Lotion

How do the other oils in this lotion naturally reduce stress

Cardamom essential oil

Eleitaria Hill

Cardamom adds a bold, warm and spicy touch to this lotion.

It is rich 1,8-cineole, An item known to bring new energy to the head. Cardamom prevents you from making you feel very sleepy during the day, and provides you with courage and self-confidence. It gives you a backbone!

Catnip essential oil

Nepita Kataria

Contains catnip Nibitalactone.

Neptallactones are what makes catnip so irresistible to some of our feline friends.

For us humans, it has a profound calming effect on the nervous system. The sweet and herbal floral scent of catnip adds a lovely scent to our lotion!

Rose absolute oil

Rosa X Damascene

Rose cocktail with natural rose oil monoterpenols Proven to soothe the mind and body.

Rose is a classic oil of love and self-love, thanks to its heart-opening ability. Much like cedar wood, rose inspires a feeling of comfort and safety. It also supports you in overcoming feelings of anxiety and easily expressing your feelings to others.

You deserve peace of mind!

Reducing stress naturally is not an overnight solution. It’s often a series of small lifestyle shifts that add up over time to a big change. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up! You deserve peace of mind.

It also helps to make various stress-calming essential oils into your regular routine, so your body is constantly making use of a variety of ingredients that can calm the nerves. Try a little more oils Our YouTube Video: Essential oils to be used to de-stress.

And leave a comment if you’re excited to try this recipe!

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