How to find and connect with clients virtually

If you don’t use the internet to find and connect with clients these days, you are probably missing out on a great opportunity to change your life, including yours. Here are some tips on finding clients using social media, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

  • Find out your niche. It’s not a bad idea to have a wide demographic of clients, but when it comes to online communication, you may want to find like-minded professionals to collaborate with. Building relationships and networking with other similar professionals from around the world can help you grow in your field. Tag a brand, company or person is a great idea to gain momentum and show that you are promoting them. They may even give you a follow up and send you clients they know in your area.
  • You have a goal. Write what you are trying to get from your published content, communications, and general presence on social media. Psychology professor Dr. Jill Matthews says you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
  • The numbers don’t lie. Keep a list of what works for you and what doesn’t. One option is to use Google Analytics on your platforms, as it’s an easy way to find out and save time and effort.
  • Take risks but follow. What gets the most attention or interest? The type of questions that usually get more people involved are Should, will and which Types of questions vs. how, why and where, which are usually less attractive to users. After all, you want to boost the conversation and connect with your followers.
  • Connect with your community. Communication needs to go both ways in order to connect, but sometimes you may need to go a little further than the members of your community. Make sure to take an active role with your followers by liking and commenting on their posts occasionally so that they are more likely to engage with you, which helps build a strong foundation.
  • Post content regularly. Creating a routine or schedule that fits your lifestyle makes posting a lot easier, and coming up with topics like motivation Mondays, workout Wednesdays, or recovery days can be a lot of fun. Research shows that five to seven posts per week, but no more than one per day, helps gather and retain interest. These posts should be consistent, whether it’s a video, photo, fact about fitness, health, or lifestyle advice. Not posting for several days at a time can cause your followers to lose interest and reduce your impact. Posts should also be scheduled to appear at a time when the majority of your network is online to see your content. For example, posting on a Friday night or midday on a Saturday during the summer is unlikely to get much attention.
  • Find clients using social media.
    • Connect through similar channels, platforms and pages.
    • Reach out to friends of friends or family and ask them about potential contacts.
    • Post interesting content from your niche.
    • Spread the word to your closest contacts and ask them to share your name and information.

How to build a relationship with customers online

When it comes to connecting with your customers online, it is important to realize that what works during in-person sessions may not be appropriate during an online session. In fact, you will likely have to work a little harder to maintain this connection with the customer or participant. Here are some tips about The best way to contact During a virtual (or in-person) session or consultation:

  • Try to maintain eye contact with the camera, smile and use natural facial and voice expressions with minimal hand gestures.
  • Set up an ideal environment (light, sound, no distractions).
  • Get to know your customers personally. A little small talk at the beginning and end of a session can go a long way toward making your session feel more personal.
  • Use icebreakers to help your clients relax and warm up for the session.
  • Show them your energy and passion.
  • Use their names whenever possible. This may sound silly, but when done naturally, it can make the session feel more personal.
  • For group sessions, explore polling options or quizzes on Zoom or Google.
  • Respect your client’s time by starting and ending your sessions (or classes) on time.



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