How to create a meditation space in your home

Creating a dedicated meditation space in your home is a supportive way to increase the likelihood of developing a daily meditation practice.

From reducing levels of stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain, heart rate and high blood pressure to increasing and enhancing emotional health, attention span, immune function, brain function, mental clarity, mental focus, feeling calm and sleep, the long list of health Meditation benefits perpetual growth.

It is one of the simplest practices you can do for your health, and since it can have a huge impact on your eating habits, we encourage all of our clients to develop this practice.

When you first start out, it can be difficult to get into a state of meditation, especially if your surroundings don’t provide a calm and serene atmosphere, but with a few simple steps, you can have a mediation zone that supports you in developing the habit.

What to include in your meditation space

Here’s the thing, meditation and your unique practice can happen wherever you are! As in, you don’t need to dedicate an entire room or special space to meditate, because meditation can be found in many ways throughout your day. I know it would be a dream for all of us to have an extra room in our apartments or homes dedicated to meditation, which is not usually the case and you don’t need a dedicated room.

However, we know that we are creatures of habit and that our environment influences the behaviors we engage in, which is why it is better and more supportive to have a private space for your practice.

Your mediation area can be a nook, nook, a room you don’t use often, or anything else that works for you! Once you have a place in mind, add these tools that will help you make it feel like a quiet place that you look forward to visiting on a daily basis.

1. Comfortable meditation pillow

Sitting can still be difficult, especially if you’re just beginning your mindfulness journey, and if you’re a dedicated meditator, you know how important it is to be comfortable. Having a comfortable place to sit for meditation is key.

I love the Avocado Mattress Meditation Pillow Because they are green and organic botanicals and feature buckwheat filling, which creates a solid yet comfortable base that adapts to your unique body.

I have been a long time customer and fan of avocado mattress Because they are committed to making the highest quality products that are also better for your health, farmers and our planet, which is so important to our well-being.

2. Magazine

I cannot recommend journaling enough because it is one of the most powerful tools I teach in the mindful nutrition method.

You can use a file magazine To support you in many different ways from food journals (eg what you ate, when, how you feel, how your hunger was, cravings, digestion issues, emotional health around the meal, etc.), to journaling about the stress of the day as a way to meditate , to write a diary about what you are grateful for every morning, etc.

Writing a physical diary with pen and paper has been shown to help increase cognitive function and information retention rather than using a digital one – so try the old-fashioned way and check in with yourself.

After your mediation, take two minutes to write down and think about how you feel, what happened during the exercise, and your intention for the day (or for the next day if you’ve been meditating at night). This moment of awakening after practicing meditation guides you to adjust your mind and body more and can help you deepen your practice.

3. Meditation books to support you

If you are learning how to meditate or exploring different mindfulness practices, having some books that you can pick up easily and find a little guidance and inspiration where to start can be really helpful.

Some of my favorite books that can support the Mindful Journey include:

4. Atmospheric enhancers

If you want to make your meditation area feel really special while also supporting you to enter into a very calm state of mind, you can add some enhancers. These are not necessary to begin meditation, but they can help make the experience more enjoyable helping you build consistency.


I love how calming scents can put me into a more relaxed state of mind for meditation, so you may also find that essential oil diffuseror room spray or perfume It may also be useful to you. Just be careful to buy non-toxic materials


I also enjoy getting singing bowl nearby as part of my practice. Having an audio component is a nice way to deepen your experience, I really enjoy starting my meditation session and ending it with an audio one.

temper nature

I now have a meditation room in our house with beautiful windows overlooking nature. I also keep plenty of plants in the room to create a relaxing spa-like getaway. Whether you have a window to sit near or pick up some plants to stay close to, having a bit of nature reduces stress.

Create your own meditation space

Each of our meditation spaces will look unique depending on our wants, needs and space. The key is to discover a setting that will make you feel drawn to go into that space every day to grow your mediation practice.

Now that you have a few ideas of what to include, commit to setting up your own meditation space this week!

⭐ Key Takeaway: Building a unique mindful meditation practice is one of the best free things you can do to support your health.

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