How to build broad shoulders (according to science)

Nothing exudes “alpha male” like a bunch of Broad shoulders.

While it felt a little cute writing that sentence, it’s backed by science. It’s not just that broad shoulders make you stand out more powerful and more physically dominant than other men, it is one of the most important characteristics of women searching for When choosing a mate.

This is why so many men work with hammer and tongs to build bigger shoulders (and why so many women try to avoid them for fear of looking “bulky” or too masculine).

So why aren’t all players wearing a pair of “3D delts?”

Well, many men make a number of mistakes in their training, such as using sub-optimal exercises, using too much or not enough weight, not resting enough between sets, etc.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know How to get broad shoulders, Including:

  • What are broad shoulders? (Technically) and why it’s worth the goal
  • How to measure shoulder width and circumference so you can calculate the ideal proportions of the shoulder
  • What you need to do to get broad shoulders fast (using List of the best broad shoulder exercises)
  • Tips about How to get rid of broad shoulders (if you are a woman)

What are “wide” shoulders? And why do men want it?

When most people describe a person’s shoulders as “wide,” they mean that their shoulders are much wider than the rest of their torso, especially the waist.

Here are some pictures from Celebrities with broad shoulders Which illustrates this well:


Aside from being an integral part of a well-balanced upper body, the main reason men desire broad shoulders is just that. . . we will . . . want women Men with broad shoulders.

Search Shows that broad-shouldered men are generally considered to be more physically attractive than broad-shouldered men average shoulder widthEspecially when their broad shoulders are paired with a slender waist.

specially, studies On Allure it turns out that 1.618 is the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio for men. This means that if you multiply your waist width by 1.618, you will arrive at your ideal shoulder width measurement to attract the fair sex.

Now, if you have already whipped up your tape measure and are disappointed with the results, remember that this ideal ratio depends on Visible Your shoulder and waist width, not theirs Ocean. This means that if you stand in front of a mirror with your hands at your sides and have someone place a measuring stick in front of your shoulders and waist, you want the previous measurement to be 1.618 times the last measurement.

For example, if you have a 12-inch wide waist, you want your shoulder width to be about 19 inches, which isn’t too tall if you have muscle mass and a low body. fat percentage.

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How to measure shoulder width and ocean

If you want to know how your current shoulder size compares to your “ideal” shoulder size, you need to know how to measure it.

The best shoulder measurements you can take are your measurements shoulder width and yours shoulder circumference.

How to measure shoulder width

Technically, shoulder width – also known as biacromial breadth or picromyal diameter—The distance between the two outer bony points on the back of your shoulders.

Because biacromial breadth is determined by the length of your bones and cannot be altered by diet or exercise, it doesn’t tell you anything about how you’re progressing in the gym.

That’s why it’s best to measure your shoulder width like this for our purposes:

Stand upright with your arms at your sides and have a friend measure the distance between the outer points of your shoulder muscles with a tape measure.

Using this method to track changes in shoulder width over time will give you the best indication of whether you are adding muscle, and therefore width, to your shoulders.

How to measure shoulder circumference

Shoulder circumference – sometimes called shoulder circumferenceIt is the distance measured around the widest part of your shoulders.

The shoulder circumference measurement takes into account the size of the muscles in your upper back, chest, and shoulders, as well as any fat you store in those areas. This means that you can manipulate your shoulder circumference using diet and exercise – the more muscle or fat you gain, the larger your shoulder circumference will be, and the more muscle or fat you lose, the smaller your shoulder circumference will be. (Obviously you want more muscle and less fat so you can have a good one too muscle definition).

To measure your shoulder circumference, stand upright with your arms at your sides (don’t burn your elbows or spread your horses you tough hobbit), and have a friend wrap a tape measure around your shoulders at the widest point. Usually this is around the top of the armpit.

Shoulder circumference is useful because it takes into account the size of many upper body muscles. If your shoulder circumference is increasing over time, this is a good sign that you muscle gain.

Don’t get too caught up in this measurement, as it is also affected by the size of your chest and upper back and an increase or decrease in body fat. It is possible that you can increase the circumference of your shoulder without actually making it deltoid (Shoulder muscles) get bigger by increasing the size of your chest muscles and glutes, or reduce your shoulder girth by losing fat in your chest and back.

However, if you follow a voice training program And the dietUsually, increases in your shoulder circumference are accompanied by true increases in shoulder mass.

How to get broad shoulders

1. Be leaner.

The first thing most people do when they want to have broad shoulders is try to add mass to their deltoid.

While they have their heart in the right place, this is a mistake.

You can do all the shoulder exercises you want, but if you have to body fat percentage So high and your waist so wide, you’ll never get close to the 1.618 you learned a moment ago. In other words, if you have a lot of fat to lose, you can reduce the width of your waist much faster than you can increase the width of your shoulders.

This is why the best way to make your shoulders look wider is to make your waist thinner.

The loss of bulk around your midsection accentuates the difference between your shoulder width and waist—which is generally known as a “V-taper” in bodybuilding—and prevents you from looking like an amorphous bubble.

So, before you do anything else, follow a fat loss diet And reduce your body fat percentage to about 12% or less. Once you take care of that, then. . .

2. Do the right thing broad shoulder exercises.

Building broad shoulders is not complicated.

It mostly comes down to getting stronger when bench press, incline and flat and then using isolation exercises like lateral and back raises to complement your shoulder growth.

If you want a file Wide Shoulder WorkoutCheck out this article:

The Best Shoulder Exercise Routine, According to Science

3. Develop your upper back and upper chest.

A broad look isn’t just about building big shoulders.

To get the balanced, 360-degree thickness that most men want in the upper body, you need to develop the muscles in your upper back and upper chest as well.

The best exercises to train your upper back are. . .

. . . The best upper chest exercises. . .

. . . And if you have Wide Shoulder Workout The program does not include the majority of these exercises, you are leaving muscle growth on the table.

If you want to know how to fit these exercises into an exercise program, check out this article:

Inflation training: the best bulking training program

How to get rid of broad shoulders (for women)

Unbelievable: Broad shoulders are synonymous with masculinity.

So much so that, in fact, it’s common for women to look for ways to narrow their shoulders if they feel too broad.

the problem is, Broad shoulders on females It is rarely caused by having too many muscles in the upper body. This means that there is not much you can do in the gym that will make a huge difference in the width of your shoulders.

Instead, broad shoulders in women are often caused by too much body fat. Thus, ironically, broad shouldered woman They can make it narrower by doing the same thing men do to widen their range – get skinny.

Girls with broad shoulders You should aim to get your body fat percentage down to about 22% or so, which is small enough that you don’t store a lot of fat in your upper back, chest, or shoulders.

You can also balance the proportions of your upper and lower body with Build a bigger butt.

Assuming you’re also very thin and slim around the waist, adding volume to your glutes and thighs will give your body the “hourglass” shape that many women aspire to (and men) Wants.

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