How this mother lost 40 kg and then 33.5 kg!

Jasmine Jahez lost weight twice with the help of healthy mummy 28 day weight loss challenge! The first time I lost 40 kg and the second time I lost 33.5 kg. unbelievable!

The 30-year-old mom from Townsville reveals that she accumulated weight while breastfeeding.

“My second trip started in October 2020 and I currently lost 33.5kg. I was wearing a size 18 and now it’s up to a size 14-12,” Says.

Weight loss success: How this mom lost 40 kg and then 33.5 kg!

How did this mom lose weight twice with a healthy mummy

In fact, Jasmine says she loves to exercise now and loves the excuse to have some “me time”!

“I am the happiest mother,” Says. “I also love that when my son works out at home he wants to join me.”

A mother of two reveals that she is a huge fan of Salted caramel belly smoothie It is also used Knife body sculpting lotion.

“As a mom you find that you don’t spend money on yourself or when you feel guilty, but with Healthy Mummy, I don’t” Says.

“Everyone says you should go on a hard diet and only eat 1,400 calories a day, but it’s not, I feel like it’s all about planning your meals for the day and preparing the meal.”

Weight loss success: How this mom lost 40 kg and then 33.5 kg!

What does Jasmine eat on a normal day?

breakfast: healthy mummy juice

Morning tea: Cracking cereals with tomatoes or fruits

lunch: Fresh meat salad or healthy mummy meal

afternoon tea: Mini chocolate muffin with fruits or healthy mummy

dinner: healthy mummy meal

Weight loss success: How this mom lost 40 kg and then 33.5 kg!

“My breakfast is very simple because I start work at 7 am and need to deliver two kids before that, I fold my fruit juice and have it at work after 7,” Says.

“Morning tea I either have whole-grain crackers with tomato or fruit, lunch either a fresh salad with meat or one of my favorite healthy meals from the freezer, afternoon tea either a fruit or mini chocolate muffin, and dinner is a healthy mummy meal from the freezer, I love risotto and pasta recipes, Because by the time I get home from work and pick up the kids at six in the evening.

“I don’t eat after seven, so it’s good to have meals ready and that prevents me from eating takeaway. I’ve been able to forgo takeaway in our house to twice a month, and when I do, I don’t count it, I just enjoy it with my family” .

Weight loss success: How this mom lost 40 kg and then 33.5 kg!


Jasmine’s advice to other moms is to have a few goals for success.

“I always get excited when I tick off another 5kg and find that planning your week with meals helps with success.”

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