How Sasha struggled with excuses and lost 30 kilograms

“I would say there is a quick list that this does not fail but I fear it does not. I also used to think, if you want it bad enough you will – now I have to disagree that it is that simple when it comes to health and fitness , Sasha says.

“A lot of people don’t realize how deep things get. I’m talking about self-sabotage, self-belief and self-esteem. If we don’t feel worthy, we’re going to sabotage ourselves. If we don’t have faith in ourselves, we’ll find it difficult to continue.”

With all of that in mind, along with him being busy, time passes when poor parents Sasha goes through some realistic ways to combat excuses.

Sasha 30 kg

1. Discipline

“It really comes down to exercising my discipline muscles. Ask yourself: What are my goals? Is what I do daily allow me to reach those goals?

Or in those moments of choice – ask yourself what I will do to serve my goals. I’m talking about those moments at the end of the day when you want to eat home.

Could you shower, tour the building, or make a batch of cake instead? “

2. Create new habits, one at a time

“There is no rush here. So pick negative habits and create new ones. Do the two new habits for a month before introducing more. When we are stressed, tired or unmotivated, go back to our habit. So that’s the key!”

be realistic. Set goals that you can achieve. “

“For me, it helps to set a minimum, like exercising 3 times a week. Drink 3 liters of water daily. Make a meal plan every week. Cook twice as dinner and prepare my snacks the night before each day,” Sasha says.

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3. Accountability

“Use the Challenge app to log food, exercise, and water. Use private support groups and check-in posts. Have a friend!”

“Follow your fellow healthy mummies! You can find me on Insta – saschamummof4, “ Sasha says.

How Sasha struggled with excuses and lost 30 kilograms

4. Give yourself a break when you need it

“Take the stress out when you or your kids are sick, working a lot, stressed, etc. Find the bottom line, know it and do it when these times come as they will pass.

Don’t fall off a cart when you can avoid riding one in the first place by being realistic – see point 3! “

5. Find alternatives

“Choose an alternative when what you have planned or want to do does not happen. Just as we customize our meal plans, allocate your days as they roll out, and allocate your snacks if things are not going well that day. For example, stuck in Shops longer than planned and starving?

Run to the supermarket and get an apple and yogurt to tie you in! Is it raining outside? Do a lounge room workout! There is always a choice. “

How Sasha struggled with excuses and lost 30 kilograms

5. Do what works for you

“You have the time – it’s just how you use it. There’s no need for hours in the kitchen on Sundays if you don’t have that kind of time. Do whatever works for you.”

“I used to do the Sunday prep thing, but these days I can’t, so I use my time to suit me,” Sasha says. “I eat dinner twice every night, and while I’m cooking dinner, I might have a snack in the oven. On other nights, I cook two dinners simultaneously, so dinner for the following days is ready too!”

Give yourself the time and space to discover this Healthy mummy For you and your family. Which method works for you is the way it will work and it will be long lasting.

“It’s easy to feel like there is the right way, and I promise it doesn’t! Customizing everything that suits me still makes me lose and keep over 30 kg.” Sasha adds.

Great tips, thank you Sasha!

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