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One of the most common questions mothers ask when registering for 28 day weight loss challenge he is, “How much exercise should I do per week?”

Of course, you should clear it up with your doctor before starting to exercise. Especially if you have a medical condition, have had surgery, or have just given birth.

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But in general, if you want to see results and want to boost your physical and mental health, you’ll need to commit to exercising at least three to four days a week to exercise – but you should build on that. To start, you may only want to walk two days a week and work your way up.

Experts suggest we do 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week along with moderate activity. Melissa Timmer, who lost 37 kg by following her 28 day weight loss challenge, This is discussed more below…

Melissa’s advice on how much you should exercise each week

How much should you exercise per week - even if you're in pain

This is my favorite topic because I have a passion and love for health and fitness.

The exercise can be quite strenuous at first and usually takes a lot of courage to get up and get it done. Studies show that we should aim for 10,000 steps a day and at least 30 minutes to get our bodies moving.

If you are starting your journey and haven’t been very active in the past, please be sure to check with your doctor first to make sure you have everything clear to exercise. Once you have to tick off, you are good to go.

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Start with small fitness goals

My best advice is to start with small fitness goals while still getting out of that comfort zone.

When I started, I made it my goal to exercise three times a week. I joined the gym and started on the treadmill. Not long after I got bored and really pushed myself to try one of my group fitness classes, this was a game changer, even though I was really nervous and had no idea what I was doing!

But I knew that if I didn’t put pressure on myself it wouldn’t happen on its own. I was aiming for three classes a week and then found myself really enjoying it, so I didn’t go to it for five days a week.

It took about a year before I fell in love with working on my fitness and loving the feeling exercise it gave me.

How much should you exercise per week - even if you're in pain

What to do if you feel pain after exercise

Let’s talk about the pain you feel from working out, this can be sad and you can struggle and is usually painful if you’re working muscles that haven’t worked in a while.

You may be making movements you haven’t done before and can be affected for up to a week before subsiding.

How much should you exercise per week - even if you're in pain

Experts say listen to your body, but what does that mean? Listening to our bodies when we are in great pain means just sitting and not moving, but it will only make it worse. Now, I’m not saying go do another crazy weights session, but getting out of it, stretching and using a roller to stretch will help.

It may be painful at the time but it will help relieve the pain. Don’t forget that our muscles grow while we rest, so make sure you don’t overtrain, an hour session is more than enough a day. If the pain persists, seek medical help immediately!

I use exercise for my mental health, it has really helped with my depression and anxiety, so if I’m having a bad day I might get two classes.

How much should you exercise per week - even if you're in pain

Tips on how to enjoy exercise

Find something you can really enjoy, whether it’s in your living room healthy mummy app, Going to smash boxing, swimming and pole dancing class.

There are many choices you can make to keep yourself active but most of all enjoy it while meeting new people and living the best life possible.

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I am a working mother of two children. I was able to turn my love of photography into a full time job, and fitness will be one of my other hobbies – I love anything to do with fitness. I am from the central coast of New South Wales. I love helping other mothers and motivating them to make and live their best lives. I’m all for supporting other women/mothers and helping out local businesses. Teaching my kids all about living their best life and getting them involved in lots of team sports.

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