How does Hannah, who lost 35 kg, find the motivation to exercise in the winter

When Hannah Beach began her weight loss journey, it was the start of winter.

By following 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge This amazing mom was able to drop 35kg and now she maintains a radius of 5kg from that. Her weight ranges from 70 kg to 75 kg after her weight starts at 105 kg – which is unbelievable!

Here’s how I managed to find the time for it Playing sportsEven when it’s cold outside …

How does Hannah, who lost 35 kg, find the motivation to exercise in the winter

How Hannah incorporates exercise into her busy regimen

Workouts weren’t something Hannah says she prioritized before she got involved Mummy health applicationBut she was gradually starting to integrate into her daily routine.

“I started two kilometers on a dirt road, three times a week,” Says.

“Often I would shove my six-month-old twin in the stroller and throw my 2-year-old and four-year-old on a bike, and getting it done in any way became even more important, as I realized that exercise helped my weight loss goals.”

Do not post how Hannah, who lost 35 kg, finds the motivation to exercise in the winter

Fast forward to nearly three years as another fast winter approaches, and now exercise is a vital part of Hannah’s day!

“It occurs in some form or shape, be it walking, running, walking the dog, application exercise, or a weightlifting session,” Says.

“I’ve spent the past six months building a new habit for a morning workout before the kids wake up!

“It’s a great time to get out and have a blood pump before a busy day begins!”

Hannah tends to exercise before the kids wake up and get out of bed

Hannah-beach-pants-large-37 kg-weight loss

Hannah says this time of day has become “her time” because she sneaks out of the house, often in the dark while everyone is sleeping peacefully!

“There is nothing more satisfying than closing my workout ring in the app even before I start my ‘mom’s life’ for the day,” Says.

“But as winter approaches, the mornings are getting colder and colder! This morning was such a rude shock, the temperature was amazing by three degrees when I stepped out the door!”

How does Hannah, who lost 35 kg, find the motivation to exercise in the winter

As a busy mom of five, Hannah says the morning should continue to be prime time for acclimatization Playing sports (Everyone slept the night before!) So finding ways to tolerate the cold is essential!

“Nothing can stand in the way of my morning workouts, as I now crave it not only for my physical health, but for myself as well,” Says.

“So, with this in mind, I made a list to convince myself that this habit must continue through the winter months, and I wanted to share with you all!”

Hannah-Beach-38 kg-loss-weight-before-after

Hannah’s top tips for achieving these workout goals when it comes to winters and colder months:

  1. Don’t look at the Weather app on your phone in bed. If you see how cold it is, it really gives you an easy excuse not to wake up!
  2. Set an alarm and stick to it!
  3. You have an accountability friend! Even if you can’t get exercise together, message a friend when you get up and go, and make sure he does the same! When someone else depends on us, they are more likely to stick and follow up. Why don’t you post it on Healthy Mummy Support GroupMotivate others to join!
  4. Weather-appropriate dress. Wearing cold-appropriate clothing is the key! Beanie, sweater or long leggings! Rug, get out there!
  5. Have a plan and stick to it, rain or shine! Get some form of “temporary” workout and a non-food bonus if you hit your weekly goal (say, wake up 5 AM early in the week), the workout log in the app is a great visual to see what you’ve achieved.
  6. Raise your heart rate! When the weather is cold, it takes longer to warm up, so choose some type of exercise to really energize the core, boxing workout from the app is perfect!

How does Hannah, who lost 35 kg, find the motivation to exercise in the winter

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