How Aromahead Grad Helps Women After Miscarriage

How Aromahead Grad Helps Women After Miscarriage

Plot del Rosario understands the heartbreak

Balot Del Rosario is an Aromahead graduate in the Philippines.

Years ago, she and her husband dreamed of being parents.

However, things don’t always go according to plan.

Plot experienced a tragic series of miscarriages. Like so many women who struggle with such struggles, her heart is broken.

On her website, Balot says. . .

“You miscarried once and the world is collapsing on you. You promise to do all things right next time, like go to bed early, eat the right food, etc.. And then, for the second time, you lose your little angel again.”

Motherhood: a dream come true!

Plot did not surrender.

She worked closely with her doctors and delved into the search for causes of miscarriages.

Ultimately, Balot’s doctors realized she was dealing with APAS, the antiphospholipid syndrome. It is a condition that causes Balot’s immune system to attack the healthy proteins in her blood. It can cause blood clotting – and recurrent miscarriage.

Learning the truth helped Plott get closer to her goal of motherhood.

Finally, in May 2015, Oak and her husband
She has had their first child, Santiago.

And then they had another baby, Lucia.
Plott made a happy mother of two!

Natural Choice: Aromatherapy Certification

While trying to conceive, Balot made changes in her lifestyle to live a more normal life. Nourishing her body and limiting her exposure to harmful chemicals was a healthy choice for her (and her babies!)

Learning to use essential oils was a big step for Plot!

I became a certified aromatherapy specialist at the Aromahead Institute. (Check out the file you graduate!)

At Aromahead, Balot found the support she needed to transform her life with aromatherapy.

“What I love about Aromahead is the huge amount of information that Andrea, Cindy, and the entire team have to offer. 360 degree view of essential oils . . . Their response to students’ concerns was impeccable! ”

A new purpose: to help women through heartbreak

Today – in addition to caring for her children – Baloot, a specialist in aromatherapy, works with
A store full of great handcrafted products.

She is a big advocate of using essential oils safely during pregnancy, and I wrote about it on her blog.

Plot is also a writer and trainer, directing other women experiencing the emotional distress of a miscarriage. Since she was in her place, Balot can provide true and educated support.

The topic of abortion is often considered silent and not publicly talked about.

“The m word is taboo.
Nobody really talks about it publicly.
But I do. “

I recently launched an Lost but found the tribe and sistersAnd the For women who need support on their travels.

Courage Oak an inspiration!

Plot is an example of how to do this Aromatherapy can fit a broader view of your life. Allowing you to help people in a personal way.

With education, you can safely use essential oils to support yourself and others through tough times – whether your challenges are emotional, physical, or mental. (And the challenges are often a mixture of all three.)

Not sure where to start? Learn about the aromatherapy certification program Balott trusted her on her own journey.

How to safely use essential oils with children

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