How a story in The Healthy Mummy inspired this mom to live a healthier life

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Joe Jancee felt inspired by Aimee Clarke’s Amazing Weight Loss Story Featured in the latest issue of The Healthy Mummy!

In fact, a mother of two signed up for 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge And she completely overhauled her lifestyle.

This is the third edition of Healthy Mummy and it’s packed with amazing content, including inspiring stories about women who changed their health and lives, heaps of healthy recipes, exercise programs, health features, and a specific meal plan to help you lose 5 kilos in just four weeks!

Read more about these amazing women and how they transformed their lives.

It all started for Joe after she picked up The Healthy Mummy and ran into Aimee’s story.

“It’s a story that I felt connected to. She has kids and she’s the same age and height as me, with the same base weight,” Joe says.

“I saw her pic” now “and thought this was what I used to look like. Then I saw her pic” then / past “and thought” This is what I look like now. ”

“If she can lose 19 kg in a couple of years, then surely I can do that too ?! I cut her pictures and added them to my kitchen table tablet so I see it every day.”

How a story in The Healthy Mummy inspired this mom to live a healthier life

How Joe decided to change her life

By putting her gradual weight gain in “enjoying life,” Joe says she didn’t feel she had energy, and she often felt “lazy and lethargic.”

“I stopped taking pictures of myself with my girls. Trying to find something to wear doesn’t make me look older than I felt has become a chore,” Says.

“I previously tried weight loss pills, and I used to exhaust myself in the gym and still see no difference.”

How a story in The Healthy Mummy inspired this mom to live a healthier life

But it wasn’t until she saw a picture of herself that she realized how different she looked and after seeing Amy’s story in the magazine, Joe felt inspired.

“March 2021 was my first challenge. I tried Healthy mummy juices And we were glad to find a lot of recipes. I love the structure of our weekly menus, “ Says.

“Being able to pick and choose from among the many new healthy options is great. I love the fact that I know what I’m going to eat during the week instead of random shopping for anything and everything and spending money on things I haven’t always used.”

How a story in The Healthy Mummy inspired this mom to live a healthier life

What Joe eats in a normal week

Morning tea

Nuts and dried foods


Smoothie or leftovers from dinner.

Afternoon tea

“A sweet snack like a chocolate butter cookie, a caramelized banana cake, or a caramelized oat slice.”


“Vegetarian lasagna or lasagna on the stove, slow-cooked Asian chicken or bacon and ravioli (pictured)”


“I like being able to do it from the comfort of my home. I like it’s short. I find it easier to stick if I know it’s only a short workout.”

Wendy Smith is gorgeous, extremely upbeat and charismatic with her stomach exercises and booty breakers. This is my favorite.

Natalia Melo came in second, with her strongest workouts for 28 days. I try to do one of these at least four times a week. “

Joe’s advice to others who want to be fit and healthy

1. Start small

If I am asked to provide any advice it would be small from the start. Don’t aim too high. For me, sticking to a lot of things makes it very difficult and I wouldn’t. I will tell myself only one exercise! After that, it ends quickly, and I usually do something else if I feel I can.

2. Don’t stress meal plans

I try not to stress the weekly menu. I buy what I need, but life changes quickly so if I find I don’t want to cook one night, I won’t. I will eat some leftovers that I have frozen from nights I cooked extra for this exact reason.

3. Keep track of what you eat

Tracking what I eat, exercise and drink is a great way to keep track of everything. I have set up a commitment / motivation board to help keep going.How a story in The Healthy Mummy inspired this mom to live a healthier life“The Healthy Mummy Challenge is great for me because it provides the structure I need and a community of moms going through the same thing,” Joe adds.

“Amy Clark is my inspiration. The hard work she put into improving herself motivates me to do the same. I hope I can tell her one day, that her hard work has paid off more than she can realize.”

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