Hooray, spray cedar wood!

Hooray, spray cedar wood!

Protect your clothes from pests with Cedar Wood Cabinet Spray.

Using cedar wood wardrobe sprays is a traditional and modern technique to protect your clothes.

Atlas cedar contains a high concentration of essential oil that protects it from insects and fungi and slows down the rate of its decay.

That is why it has been used throughout history as a building material. Even the ancient Egyptians used Atlas cedar as part of the embalming process!

Protect your clothes with Cedar Wood Cabinet Spray!

These days, Atlas cedar is still used for protection from insects – especially in cabinets.

Its scent repels moths and other pests, such as silverfish and spiders. Many people have their cabinets built out of cedar wood or lined with cedar planks.

Whether or not you have a cedar wardrobe, you can still protect your clothes with cedar wood oil. This recipe is an amazing cedar spray with a hint of spice!

Cedar Chai Closet Spray

  • 2 ounce (60 mL) chai-distillation solution
  • 25 drops of Atlas cedar oil (Cedrus Atlantica)
  • 4 ml Solubol (dispersible)

To make this recipe, just pour chai water into a 60ml bottle. Add Solubol and Atlas cedar oil drops. Close the bottle, shake well, and spray on your clothes in your closet!

They make your wardrobe smell great (you’ll get hints of smell when you get dressed) because they protect your clothes. This recipe also makes great upholstery and carpet spray.

If you don’t have Atlas Cedarwood, feel free to use another brand of cedar oil. There is a wide variety of rice varieties. Learn to replace it On this Aromahead post—Which includes another cedar cabinet spray recipe!

Cedar Chai Closet Spray

Curious about a co-distillation of chai?

I absolutely love this aqueous solution and can’t wait to tell you about it!

Hydrosols are the aqueous part of the distillate.

When an aromatic plant gets into the water, heat is applied. The heat releases the essential oil of the plant, and the water becomes saturated with water elements in the plant.

This is how water becomes water!

Aqueous distilled common chai water is made by distilling ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper and anise together (hence the word “co-distillation”) to produce an aqueous solution that smells sweet, spicy, warm and irresistible!

you may Find it at Aromatics International.

Sometimes I add a teaspoon of co-distillation of chai to hot water and drink it as a tea. It’s much gentler than the essential oil, and it’s safe to drink and spray directly on your skin. (Cedar Chai Closet Spray is only designed to be sprayed on fabrics and in the air.)

Hope this recipe makes your wardrobe smell fresh and spicy!

3 aqueous mixtures

Note: Rice Atlas (Cedrus Atlantica) Included in the endangered list. It is a good idea to ask your supplier how the oil was obtained and produced. Aromatics International gets you Cedrus Atlantica From a farm that uses sustainable practices, so the wood is not taken from the wild. (Just like sandalwood, there are plantations that grow Cedrus Atlantica With fully sustainable harvesting methods.) It’s exciting to see this kind of conservation and sustainability making a positive impact! We can also suggest a use Juniperus virginiana instead of Cedrus Atlantica.

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