Hobie launched the new Mirage Lynx Pedal kayak

Start your summer straight with the new water Mirage Linux Kayak from Hobie. These features are packed with pedal Boat Lightweight, sturdy and versatile, plus it features a highchair that you can remove to lie on the beach or bank.

Based on the popularity of inflatable i11s from Hobie The new Lynx weighs just 45 pounds and uses the patented MirageDrive 180 for propulsion. The pedal motor allows you to maneuver forward and backward – without the need to use your upper body – providing an efficient leg-powered way to spin on the water without straining your back or arms. And thanks to the added Kick-Up Fin technology, you can navigate through shallow waters and over underwater obstacles without worrying about breaking the pedal’s fins or tying them up.

Hobie's new Mirage Lynx kayak is an all-profession pedal launcher on water.
The Hobie Cat Company

“We built the Lynx to give kayaks everything they dream about and more,” says Hobie CEO Mike Suzuki. “With all the tenacity of a solid kayak, and the benefits of unique and lightweight design, the Lynx is as fun as it is versatile; whether it takes you fishing, kayaking, sailing, travel or relaxation, the Lynx is a jack of all trades.”

In testament that the Lynx is truly an all-things kayak, it has an array of outriggers and tracks, along with a spacious cargo room. Customize and equip the excavator to meet your needs and tasks. Those interested in wandering around and enjoying their closest body Water The bimini can easily be installed to protect from the sun, or pick up a sail kit to harness the wind to run faster and travel more efficiently. The lightweight, removable seat is elevated to provide greater visibility and a more stable ride, with additional mesh suspension to keep you cool.

Hunters will also love how smart and stable the lynx is. It also has plenty of places to mount accessories to outfit your kayak with everything you need to bring in a good catch. There is an H-bar and anti-slip pad for safer standing while fishing, a built-in H-Rail track system, it’s ready-to-install fish spotting electronics and a Power-Pole anchor system to keep you steady while casting.

Hobie's new Mirage Lynx kayak is an all-profession pedal launcher on water.
The Hobie Cat Company

The 11-foot Mirage Lynx kayak also has a removable rudder system, seat-mounted cup holder, bow storage with bungee ropes, a two-piece kayak paddle and stackable in the boot.


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