Her mother loses 14 kilograms without exercising and reflects her health problems

Christina Eccles hasn’t been able to exercise regularly but she still joins me 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Follow the keto meal plan and lose 14 kg!

Remarkably, it has also managed to reverse some of her health issues.

The Queensland-based granny first discovered the healthy mummy in 2018 after reading the unbelievable The story of losing weight from Sicily, Who lost 56 kg during the 28 day weight loss challenge.

“Requested Healthy mummy juicesAnd the Sugar XMany items of clothing, sippy cups and snacks and I joined the Weight Loss Challenge 28 app and Facebook support group to access recipes and workout videos, “ Says.

I was subsequently diagnosed with scleroderma, a rare and incurable autoimmune disease, non-alcoholic cirrhosis and chronic fatigue syndrome, and although I used juices regularly for the next few years, I was letting my disease in control and I spent most of the time the next few years Inactive and in bed. “

Mother and grandmother lose 14 kilograms without exercising, and her health problems are reversed

In September 2020, Christina, 49, was booked for a hip replacement and says she knew she had a choice, continuing to gain weight or taking the opportunity to control food intake, because exercise was not an option.

“By seeking advice from other healthy mummies, I decided to take a ‘warm turkey’ approach, where the changes take place slowly, so that you don’t feel restricted and give up early,” Says.

“It took me two weeks to cut back on ready meals instead of stopping them, two weeks to reduce processed foods and portion sizes, and two weeks to eliminate sugars and sweeteners. After doing all that, I lost 5 kilograms without exercising.”

These wonderful moms are feeling happier and healthier than ever!

Christina is a huge fan of keto recipes on the Healthy Mummy app

In December 2020, Christina kicked off her first app challenge, using a low-carb meal plan, then Keto.

“I was excited when I created The Healthy Mummy Keto menu. I still enjoy and use Choc Fudge Smoothies Control X Berry And Sugar X on the occasions I crave, ‘ Says.

“My usual day starts with a variety of bacon and eggs, cups of chocolate and peanut butter, cheese, nuts, eggs or cheesecake for snacks, ceaser salad or smoothies for lunch and meats and green vegetables for dinner (varieties).

“I aim for 4,000 steps a day and three beginner videos a week. I use skin Super daily serum and eye masks to keep you feeling fresh all day long. ”

Christina’s health problems have improved dramatically

“I may have lost 14 kilograms so far and more than 25 cm, but the most important things that I have lost are inflammation, pain, cirrhosis, leaky gut symptoms, my negative thoughts and lack of movement,” Says.

“From XL to M and 18-20 to 14-16 cut my anxiety medication and ready to start the Healthy Mummy 12-Week Challenge to lose the remaining 11 kg.”

Advice for other mothers

Encourage yourself

“My advice is not to wait for the motivation, it just can’t be found, you need to make a change, acknowledge the change, and then it looks like your motivation continues.”

Move as much as you can

“Moving a little is better than nothing at all.”

Find someone to join you

“I recently brought my daughter and grandson home to help me and for the first week. She lost 5 kg and she loves tummy juices and has friends too who are joining in now. It’s great to make this journey together.”

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