Her mom reveals how her 23kg weight loss helped her whole family lead a healthier lifestyle

Ashana Spinelli lost an incredible 23 kg after subscribing to 28 day weight loss challenge. But her family has also benefited from an overhaul in her lifestyle.

Her husband Matthew also dropped 25kg by eating meals too healthy mummy app. And a mother of two says her kids have more energy than ever, too!

“A healthy mummy doesn’t just affect your life or your health” Says. “It has a ripple effect that can fundamentally change the lives of those around you for the better.”

Her mom reveals how her 23kg weight loss helped her whole family lead a healthier lifestyle

How a mother who lost 23 kg helped her whole family lead a healthier lifestyle

The 39-year-old Sydney-based mum has revealed that her weight loss has had a positive impact on her entire family.

In fact, they recently traveled a 7-kilometer loop, her kids were riding their bikes while she and her husband jogged alongside them, and Ashana realized that her kids had more energy than when she began her weight loss journey.

Her mom reveals how her 23kg weight loss helped her whole family lead a healthier lifestyle

Says , “We stopped at a couple of parks, but not to recharge, to expend more energy! I watched them use their power to navigate through monkey bars and I couldn’t help but stop and think, they couldn’t do that eight months ago!

“And they can’t ride their bikes without training wheels! Not to mention the 7km. Then I took a moment to think about what we did this time last year…

“I couldn’t remember, but no doubt it could have been a pub lunch or a BBQ at home with little movement. I wondered if my kids were stronger and more capable because time had passed or because I was setting a positive example for them. I chose the latter!”

Her mom reveals how her 23kg weight loss helped her whole family lead a healthier lifestyle

Ashana and hubby lose weight

When Ashana first fell into 28 day weight loss challengeShe weighed 90 kg and was a size 14. Now she is a size 8-10.

Her mom reveals how her 23kg weight loss helped her whole family lead a healthier lifestyle

“Matthew has always been a slim physique, however, he has gained weight over the past year or two and like me has been feeling sluggish. We told ourselves we couldn’t continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle,” Ashana says. “We just didn’t feel like ourselves.

“When I joined The Healthy Mummy, we ate loads of easy stir-fries for dinner from the app and then branched out and started exploring other different recipes.”

Furthermore, the Spinelli family is a big fan of Pumpkin Feta and Chorizo ​​Salad سلطة(Pictured) Flourless Chocolate Cake, Mushroom Soup, Dumplings, and Healthy Meatloaf.

What drew Ashana and Matthew to Challenge Recipes is that the meals are family friendly and healthy.

“We love that a lot of meals can be leftovers for another night or have to be patted in the fridge to take out when we’re really tired of time,” Says.

“No endless ingredients or prep time. Just simple yet delicious healthy food. Serving calories helps us keep up with our daily/weekly count and we are in no way restricted.

“Best of all, our week-round shopping bill is lower – which is a bonus!”

What a normal day for Ashana

breakfast: Healthy mummy smoothie

Morning tea: Yogurt with chia seeds and berries

lunch: soup or salad

afternoon tea: Pork rolls from app or cheese and crackers with sauerkraut

dinner: Stir or meatloaf with salad.

candy: Flourless Chocolate Cake, Whit-Picks Slice, or Peanut Butter Cookies. Every night I also have dark chocolate. I love that!

Tips for Picky Kids: Grate the vegetables well in your meals. They won’t notice!

Advice from Ashana for other moms

1. Focus on inactivity. More than the amount of exercise you do in one day. fidget. Park the car further away in the shops. Use the stairs etc.

2. Focus on losing just one kilo at a time. Small goals equal big success.

3. Be as organized around your diet as possible. Prepare the meal so that it is easy to eat well.

Are you ready to join the 28 day weight loss challenge?

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