Healthy mummy Melissa shares her experience with her keto meal plan

Melissa Timmer was living in A healthy lifestyle for a mother For over 4 years and has had amazing weight loss success with meal plans and Mummy healthy juices. I lost 40 kilos and loved the ride. Melissa recently tried her healthy keto meal plan on the Healthy Mummy app and shared her experience below.

“By the time the fifth week came, most of my friends were starting to notice a difference in my body.”

Melissa On Mummy Keto Healthy Meal Plans

“Recently, I decided to give it a try Keto mummy new health Meal plans. I know there are many It’s hype about keto, but I really wanted to try it myself so I can comment or Advise on that. I am currently in the seventh week of keto, but I had a week off because of a holiday. “

“ Keto is like starting a whole new journey, there’s a lot to learn, there’s also a lot Restrictions. “

“I struggled for the first two weeks as I wanted to move forward in full force, when I was Perhaps they should have done more research on this type of The foods / ingredients I should be eating on this plan. “

“Taking it slow would have been the best approach, but saying that, I’ve seen the results Very quickly and quickly found my way to it. By the third and fourth weeks, I was beautiful I am sure to try new recipes suitable for the keto diet. “

“The thing to know about keto is that you’re limited to a certain number of carbs and sugar, so you really need to track your macros, rather than just guesswork.”

“To function properly, you have to keep track of everything you eat! It makes eating out difficult, because you are so restricted in what you can eat. ”

“ Fortunately, these days, most restaurants are great for preparing your own meals or specials Healthy alternatives! “

“Besides keto, I also workout 5 days a week, mostly doing high-intensity interval training exercises.”

“By the time the fifth week came, most of my friends were starting to notice a difference in my body.”

“I lost around 3 kg at this point which was huge for me, as I really was She is struggling to make the scales move down again. I was really just maintaining the weight I lost. “

“Although I’m not very focused on metrics, it was nice to see some movement and Hearing from others was great, too. ”

“I’ve decided to continue with it now because I love the learning process and believe in my body It adapts well. “

“It’s also a great way to ignore some foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating, so for me, I find they keep me from overeating on sugars and carbs.”

“Another benefit of the keto diet is that I eat more protein and vegetables, and thus have a healthy diet.”

“If you’re looking to change or change the system, give Keto mummy healthy Try out the meal plan on the Healthy Mummy app. sYou can also try a 3 or 7 day detox meal plan, but it’s a mistake to try and figure out what It works for your body. Remember, this is your trip, so do what works best for you! “

“I am so happy Healthy mummy Offers a wide range of meal plans to suit everyone! “

“It shows you that we are all different and it is important that we do what he creates You are happy and fit your lifestyle. “

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