Having trouble dating? You are the problem, brother

When she first moved from Chicago to skateboarding in Telluride, Colorado, she worked as a snowmaker. While changing the shift, a friend of mine started to bark the dating cliché, which she wore particularly thin Mountain cities: There are no women here. Before he could bemoan his point for a long time, our boss replied, “It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any women in Telluride. There are just so many men without any game.” And what is true about Telluride is true in Chicago is true everywhere. If there is a problem with Dating lifeIt has nothing to do with the person you’re shouting at and almost everything you do with what and how you shout.

To be clear, I’m talking directly to men. (Man’s stewardship Dating advice for women is a bad idea for a number of millions of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that, like everything else explained to women, they’ve actually discovered it.) And I can only talk about my dating experience as a straight white. Man – experience means a roller coaster game that until very recently, after intense work with a healer, resembled the path of a drunken, clenched pirate wearing two eye patches. Along the bumpy ride, I’ve only seen more and more evidence to support one fact: Writing off for your bad hitting. And that means you are bad at dating.

Yes, “dating is hard.” It’s an easy response first, which translates to: “Oh man, I can’t find a woman who wants to hear me talk about myself and nothing but myself.” The other day, he joked with me about this to my cousin Graciela, who responded with impatience about how clearly speaking to a man was, “and the person you are talking to is his response, not actually listening.” She points out that it is not surprising that “the response usually has something to do with it and you have nothing to do with it. My advice is to actually listen, because we can tell when you are not.”

A bored man listens to her friend talking in the coffee

The other thing you don’t need to talk about is how difficult dating can be during the pandemic. Since the advent of COVID-19, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have reported a significant increase in users and length of time on profiles and chats. Zoom and FaceTime usage is inflated with electronic dates. And even in a pandemic, people are discovering how to get my body, which is why public health officials established in New York City Safe Sex and COVID-19 Fact Sheet. It includes ideas like masks during sex, airy spaces for group sex, and holes in walls or partitions to avoid face-to-face contact. Yes, it’s right: The New York City government has proposed pandemic glory holes and outdoor orgies. Suffice it to say, people have been figuring out how to date Corona and finding success, so what is your excuse? Perhaps it is time to learn from those who have been on bad dating.

Attractive woman who listen seriously

Try to see this from her point of view

My girlfriend Elizabeth was wearing what she describes as a 20-way tie for the worst possible date ever. The common denominator for both of them was a lack of emotional regulation. She told me, “I talk about tantrums, breakups and requests for sex on my first date.” Yikes. My cousin Claire told me that she once met a guy for a drink that had another girl with him when she arrived, which is about the time he suggested they all have a group of three. She refused and left. Incidentally, this date wasn’t her worst date ever. Double yikes.

Combined with downright sexual stupidity, how do men get lost in the dating pool? Elizabeth tells me that although being spontaneous is a good thing, it is only acceptable in limited quantities. “Not having a plan for any date can be unnecessarily frustrating and stressful,” she says. My sister Kitty thinks splitting a check is a major no. “I am an independent woman and I know as a feminist, but I still like to have dinner,” says Kitty. “Make a stealth move and pick up the bill on the way back from the bathroom.” Claire agrees, saying, “Chivalry is not dead.” “Treating someone as if they care about you, in big and small ways, is by and large the most attractive quality a person can have.”

Dating in the club
Just put the tab on that card when you’re not looking. Shutterstock

Claire also refers to toxic masculinity as the destroyer of history, specifically the notion that vulnerability and the display of emotion are alienation. “We’ve all somehow taken on this idea that men should be strong,” says Claire. “I think a lot of men translate to projecting this false personality in a misguided attempt to impress women. But the real strength really lies in the ability to open up, speak from the heart, and show who you really are.” Showing his emotional side is the first thing that attracted Claire to her future husband. The night they met, the man recited a cursed Sonnet Shakespeare for his loud shouting. (“It was actually less confused in context than it appears now,” Claire notes.)

Some simple solutions

So, what else works? My sister said of her husband: “He called to ask me to go out on our first date.” Notably, Kitty told their mutual friend that if he texted instead of communicating more personally, she’d be doing his asshole. “My man often tries to satisfy my desires and needs before I disclose them to him,” Elizabeth explains. “Before him, I had never dated a guy, for example, noticing my wallet was wearing out and buying me a new one, or taking an offhand comment about kayaking and looking for a date about this activity. So, basically, he’d see and hear me, and then proactively try Improving our relationship. ” Note the three that effort, listening, and giving shit shouldn’t seem like new and shocking ideas, but men don’t always see things that are simple and obvious.

Dating douchebag
Remember: there is no mention of PRs, WODs, or wads. Shutterstock

Here’s the hard truth, guys. You are not helping your case. Young donkey Chadds who disguise themselves as men often use dates as a means of self-congratulations and ego strokes, like some steam-soaked body ax, who wears the tank top of Narcissus and Dorian Gray. If you want to spend some time chatting about your PR on Strava this week (and you know How do I feel about Strava), Or the sick time you and your siblings had on Tough Mudder in the last year, how expensive your bike was on the road, how hard it would be to crush a WOD today (don’t talk to anyone about your friendliness or stuffiness, please), or whatever other cool thing – feats Man, do it with the man in the mirror. He is the only person who cares. Talking about your adventures and accomplishments in an effort to prove your calm does nothing but raise a massive flag of indulgent dweebery. And I bet your counterpart is really cool. You must know this.

And for the love of God, stop him with images of the penis, you are deteriorating. “No girl wants to see a picture of your penis. Trust me.” Claire said, and legitimately every woman has it.

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