Hallelujah, Instagram blocking the most toxic weight loss ads

Instagram is one step closer to becoming a good placeThanks in part to the outspoken activist in body positivity Jameela Jamil.

Actor W. Kardashian Killer Social media has been used as a tool for Call The common practice of influencers and celebrities pushing unhealthy products like Appetizing lollipops And “Tummy Detox Tea. “In February, Jamila used her platform to push a petition demanding that celebrities stop these promotions It collected nearly 250,000 signatures.

Now she is working With Social media to address the problem. Wednesday, Instagram advertise That posts promoting weight loss products or cosmetic procedures with a price tag or incentive to buy will be blocked from the accounts of users under the age of 18. Additionally, it will remove these types of promotional flyers in which the label makes a “miraculous claim” about weight loss as a result of product use.

at Interview with Elle UKJamila celebrated Instagram’s decision and revealed that she’s been working on the guidelines with the platform for months. It also made clear why the work was – and is – so essential.

“We have hyper-normalizing skin shit for susceptible youth,” she told Elle UK. “These people sell hair growth gums but wear attachments or take pictures of themselves to look thinner and sell shakes to lose weight. There are a lot of lies being told and we have accepted that as a cultural norm.”

The Kardashians are known for selling weight loss products, like the appetite killer popsicles, on their Instagram accounts.

The Kardashians are known for selling weight loss products, like the appetite killer popsicles, on their Instagram accounts.

It’s no secret that the images that people are exposed to can be profound Impact of self-esteemWhether at the conscious or subconscious level. Often times, it seems that the companies (and sometimes celebrities) that deal with these products don’t pay much attention to the effect they have or the harmful way in which they are promoted.

Back in March, Australia-based SkinnyMe Tea brand was criticized for Using a photo of an eating disorder survivor To promote their products. The Kardashians Has been criticized To enhance the appetite, detox teas and more unhealthy products disguised as “wellness” tools.

An option will be rolled out to let Instagram users report posts that violate the new guidelines in the coming weeks, according to Elle UK. Instagram did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Pillars of the social media platform to take steps to improve the mental health of its users. It’s hard to imagine our look-obsessed culture really going to be liberated from the pressures of quirky beauty ideals, but getting them out of our timelines is a start.


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