Growing Return To The Garden of Eden

By Neenah Payne

Amid the turbulence of the last year, as well as subsequent “solutions” we’ve been offered from central planners, all signs point to a rising number of individuals from all walks of life taking matters into their own hands to find self-sufficiency and food freedom on their own terms.

Below is a collection of profound examples demonstrating this return to what gave society its strength originally and how we can further thrive under any conditions.

The Million Gardens Movement

The site points out that 9.3 million Americans started gardening in 2020. This is a perfect opportunity to welcome these newcomers, and provide additional resources and education to those who are yet to begin, which Million Gardens envisions as follows:

“The Million Gardens Movement is a community of gardeners who want to inspire a happier, healthier world by educating people about a better diet, through funding and educating millions of new gardeners to grow their own food.

In the wake of the Covid Pandemic, Frank Giustra’s Modern Farmer and Kimbal Musk’s Big Green joined forces to present The Million Gardens Movement — a joint charitable project that’s dedicated to mobilizing a million people to grow their own food and reap the benefits of gardening. Whether it’s in a community garden, on a fire escape, or along with a window box, it’s small collective acts like these that will sow the biggest seeds of change.

The Million Gardens Movement will make it possible for any family, no matter where they live or what resources they have, to grow their own healthy food. We’ll provide the families that need it most with a beginner-friendly garden kit, creating healthy eating habit in the home and increasing families’ ability to choose, grow, prepare, and eat healthy food.”

Frank Giustra says:

“I believe everyone has a stake in the food chain. Every day we all take decisions—what we grow, what we buy, what we eat—that directly shape our land and our society. We are all, in different ways, stewards of the land and each other. In other words: We are all modern farmers now. And I hope the Million Gardens Movement can bring together people who share this belief, so we can grow something great together. We want to build a community of gardeners – whether you tend an acre or have alone pot on your fire escape. We want to create a place where you can learn how to garden better, encourage those planting their first seeds, share your triumphs and troubles, and most importantly help each other and help others.”

By introducing beginner-friendly garden kits and food literacy programs to children of all ages, the movement correctly highlights the additional benefits beyond the essential production of food.

  • Stress and anxiety relief and improved mental health
  • Improved physical health and wellness
  • A rich hands-on learning experience
  • A way to connect with family, their community, and the Million Gardens Movement community of gardeners.

In a feature by Rolling Stone, additional philanthropic endeavors were noted which include garden donations to schools and low-income families, many of whom have of course been drastically impacted by COVID and the subsequent lockdowns:

“The tech veteran and restaurateur has been preaching the ‘real food’ gospel for years — and his newest project may be his most ambitious yet.

The internet startup whiz, restaurateur, and younger brother of Tesla’s Elon had just arrived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from a 2010 TED conference where chef Jamie Oliver had spoken about the empowerment that could come from healthy eating. This was something Musk thought about a lot — food’s untapped potential, how he might be a disruptor in the culinary space ….

Since then, he has launched an initiative to put “learning gardens” in public schools across America (now at 632 schools and counting); courted Generation Z into the farming profession by converting shipping containers into high-tech, data-driven, year-round farms; spoken out vociferously against unethical farming practices and vociferously for the beauty and community of slow food; and this year, on the first day of spring, is kicking off a new campaign with Modern Farmer’s Frank Giustra to create one million at-home gardens in the coming year.

Aimed at reaching low-income families, the Million Gardens Movement was inspired by the pandemic, as both a desire to feel more connected to nature and food insecurity have been at the forefront of so many people’s lives. “We were getting a lot of inquiries about gardening from people that had never gardened before,” says Giustra. “People were looking to garden for a bunch of reasons: to supplement their budget, because there was a lot of financial hardship, to help grow food for other people, or just to cure the boredom that came with the lockdown.”

The program offers free garden kits that can be grown indoors or outdoors, and will be distributed through schools that Musk’s non-profit, Big Green, has already partnered with. It also offers free curriculum on how to get the garden growing and fresh seeds and materials for the changing growing seasons. “I grew up in the projects when I was young, in what we now call food deserts,” says EVE, one of the many celebrities who have teamed up with the organization to encourage people to pick up a free garden or to donate one. “What I love about this is that it’s not intimidating. Anyone can do this, no matter where you come from, no matter where you live. We are all able to grow something.”

Elon Musk’s Brother Starts ‘Million Garden Movement’ to Plant a Garden For Every Household Living in a Food Desert says:

“Launched on the equinox, the Million Gardens Movement (MGM) is a charitable and educational initiative that hopes to put a garden in every household .. The brain child of Frank Giustra and Kimbal Musk, the former the owner and publisher of Modern Farmer magazine, the latter the Executive Director of the non-profit Big Green, MGM puts Little Green Garden units in homes and classrooms for just a $10 donation.”

This campaign wants to get 1 million families gardening says: “Soon, when families pick up food at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, they’ll also get a Little Green Garden along with their groceries…

Consider joining the Million Gardens Movement HERE.


Gold Dealer Creates Urban Food Forest

On March 22, Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research interviewed Lynette Zang, Chief Marketing Analyst for ITM Trading.  Zang explained that the system collapsed in 2008 and has been on life support since then. So, there has been a steadily declining purchasing power of the US dollar and other fiat currencies.

Zang stresses that it’s important to prepare now for The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Since Zang sells gold and silver, it’s not surprising that she recommends precious metals. However, Zang explains that everyone has to be as self-sufficient as possible now. She points out that grocery stores quickly became empty last year and the supply chain has not been fixed. She points out that food is the biggest issue for people.

FREE PDF: 10 Best Books To Survive Food Shortages & Famines

Zang lists her top eight priorities to retain a reasonable standard of living as shelter, food, water, energy, security, barterability (silver), wealth preservation (gold), and community.

Zang stresses that it is important for everyone to learn to garden now! In 2010, she sold her condo where she had planned to retire and moved to a home in central Phoenix. Although she had never been a gardener, she learned a lot and converted her half-acre property into a food-producing urban farm where she raises chickens, ducks, quail, tilapia, and freshwater shrimp! Zang says she has every vegetable imaginable in her food forest including peaches, plums, almonds, walnuts, etc.

Zang stresses the importance of community as well. She donates a lot of food to a school for homeless kids and set up a program so the kids are now growing their own food.

Lynette Zang: Why You Must Get Out of the System; The Fed’s Master Plan

City Folks Completely Off Grid Now

Why The Back To Land Movement Is Growing! focuses on Doug and Stacy in Missouri who have a very informative channel OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY that provides a great deal of information on a variety of topics including building raised beds, how to save seeds, and keep bee hives. They also host an annual conference. They tried the popular Back to Eden method of growing food but found that raised beds are far superior.

NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE |10 years living OFF GRID in this TINY HOME is a tour of the home and 11 acres of Doug and Stacy, former city folks who are now happy living off the land. They advise people to take everything one step at a time. They live near the Amish in Missouri. The Amish live in 31 states in the US. Doug says he has been told by the Amish that he is now “more Amish than the Amish” now!

Her garden produced food, flowers, and these strange veggies is a 2020 tour of Stacy’s garden. The amount of food Stacy’s organic garden produces is immense. She ferments vegetables for the winter.

In The RAISED BED gardening trick YOU NEED TO KNOW!, Stacy explains how she saves lots of seeds from many plants – enough to give some away.

Stacy shares her secret weapon to keep cats, rabbits, birds, and deer from eating her plants. Instead of chicken wire, Stacy puts a plastic netting over the soil in the raised beds. She shows how she raises the netting as the plants grow. If you subscribe to Doug and Stacy’s channel, you can learn many more tips – including about bee hiving!

The COMPLETE raised bed gardening video | building – filling – benefits is a demonstration by Doug on how to create an optimal raised bed. Doug has a horse and buggy that he uses in case there is a gas shortage! They are completely off grid and totally independent. Many of their clothes and much of their furniture was created by the Amish. Doug says his compost is “OMRI certified”. OMRI stands for “Organic Materials Review Institute”. Doug explains that he and Stacy host the Homesteading Life Conference every August in Missouri. The conference has other great presenters and workshops.

The GREATER Reset: Inspiring Vision For Humanity!

THE GREATER RESET: Inspiring Vision For Humanity! shows that The Answer to the Technocratic State and the Domestic Extremism Propaganda by Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance sounds the alarm. It is an essential wake-up call and a call to take action NOW!

Derrick chose the name “THE GREATER RESET” as the people’s better alternative to The Great Reset. This first event was held from January 25-29 with a bonus day on January 31 because The World Economic Forum held its meetings then. Derrick said the second week of The Greater Reset will be from May 25-28 when the World Economic Forum holds its second week.

The schedule is shown below for the six days of THE GREATER RESET which Derrick hosted in front of a live audience in Mexico and John Bush co-hosted in a studio in Utah. Over 150,000 viewers from around the world tuned in. See speakers and topics for each day at: Recordings are available for free for Day 1 (Agora), Day 2 (Health), Day 3 (Nature), Day 4 (Digital), Day 5 (Community), and Bonus Day. You can search by Speakers. Spanish audio versions are available on the new podcast channel. THE GREATER RESET was beautifully organized. It was inspiring and informative on a level that can be understood only by watching the videos!

The GREATER Reset plans to have a second series in May. Check the Activist Post site for updates.

Urban Gardens: The Greatest Revolution!

Return To The Garden of “EDEN” Now shows that author Vin Armani also stresses the importance of self-sufficiency. Armani points out that we are entering a new age which he calls The Dim Age in which automation will put millions of people out of work. So, gardeners/farmers will be most likely to thrive. On April 5, 2020, Armani moved to Saipan, a U.S. commonwealth, in the Western Pacific with his wife, and their two young kids to escape the growing tyranny of Governor Gavin Newsom in California. Armani warns that we are in dangerous times now as the tyranny will escalate.

Gates’ Plan To Control World’s Seeds, Agriculture, Food features Dr. Vandana Shiva. Dr. Shiva says “Urban Gardens are the greatest revolution!” She says to save seeds because seeds may become difficult to get — especially heirloom which grow again (hybrids don’t). Dr. Shiva’s 2020 book is Oneness vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom.

Also see Dr. Shiva on my Urban Gardens Revolution. The site shows that everyone can grow sprouts and/or use an AeroGarden.

Plant a Seed – Miss Jamie Music Video


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