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When it comes to the safety and efficacy of the so-called COVID-19 vaccines, the public has been completely divided and overwhelmed. In one aspect of the carefully crafted argument, governments cannot get enough shots with enough weapons to fend off a “pandemic” of unprotected persons. The other party has as many excuses to avoid these injections as it has organs. So when a controversial study comes out showing that these injections may contain a toxic substance called graphene oxide The spectrum of permissible debate wears off quickly and all but a few are missing out on the bigger picture.

The story of vaccines containing graphene oxide broke out in late June when Ricardo Delgado Martin, founder and director Fifth columnThe free-thinking movement has published the results of an analysis conducted by a Spanish research team at the University of Almería. Analysis claims to have detected graphene oxide in a vial of Pfizer’s vaccine by electron microscopy and spectroscopy. The analysis can be read in English over here.

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It took a few weeks for this story to find its way into the English-speaking world, it seems. Once that happened, fact-checkers spread to the mainstream media about this story. ReutersAnd The whole truth, And ForbesThe Foundation, among other outlets, attempted to debunk the study by assuring its readers that anti-purge conspiracy theorists QAnon would believe such nonsense. On the other side of the aisle, the analysis was circulated uncritically, which only adds to the problem.

As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The analysis conducted by the team at the University of Almeria has its drawbacks, but concerns about the presence of graphene oxide in Pfizer’s vaccines, and elsewhere in our environment, must be taken seriously.

But first, let’s go over some parsing-related issues:

  • The analysis is a provisional report that needs further study.
  • The analysis was performed.
  • The origin of the Pfizer vial used in this analysis is unknown.
  • Graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide are, on occasion, used interchangeably.
  • Comparative images of graphene oxide with different magnification levels.

For an in-depth look at these and other concerns that arise from this analysis, we recommend watching world-class researcher Whitney Webb’s recent appearance in The last American hobo Where they delve into this analysis.

Just because this study is currently on scientifically shaky foundations doesn’t mean that the theory that graphene oxide is actually present in these syringes should be dismissed. The substance has already been discovered in face masks in Canada And Spain, while patents in China (1And 2) which explores the possibility of using graphene oxide in COVID19 vaccines is pending.

It is also strange that graphene oxide can be synthesized magnetic properties Which explains the countless videos circulating online of magnets sticking to those injected with these so-called vaccines. More research is certainly needed on this phenomenon, but a recent “statistical and sociological” survey conducted by the European Vaccine Vigilance Forum in Luxembourg found that 29 out of 30 “vaccinated” individuals interviewed Show the attraction of a magnet at the injection site.

In addition, it has been shown that graphene oxide can cause blood clots And lung damage. Does this explain why blood clots are such a frequently reported adverse effect from these shots? Is there a link to this lung damage and the supposed increase in COVID-19 cases in areas with high injection rates?

These and many other questions surrounding graphene oxide, injections, masks, and the so-called pandemic need to be answered, but if we focus only on these elements of the conversation, we risk missing the bigger picture. Graphene oxide and its applications and impact on humanity is not limited to What is called a pandemic?. The applications of graphene and related materials are virtually limitless, and as it is introduced into the ecosystem, both inside and outside the human body, it has the potential to reshape our relationship with the natural world by making it impossible to escape from the digital world.

On future applications of graphene, Alan S. Brown Writes:

Silicon electronics dominate the world, but engineers often turn to other types of semiconductors to do things silicon can’t. These materials — which range from silicon carbide to indium gallium arsenide — emit and react with light, enable high-frequency microwave communications in smartphones, operate at higher speeds, and handle massive amounts of energy.

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However, what if one material could do all of that – if it could interact with electrons, light, and even magnetism. What if it could conduct electricity like a metal and also act like a semiconductor. Just as a good metric, I suppose it might make a good building block for quantum computers? And – most impressively – what if he could do all these things just by changing his shape?

This material is graphene.

By introducing graphene and other related nanoparticles into the human system, our bodies become electronic systems where light, microwaves and other frequencies or magnets can be used to control bodily and nervous functions. If some Forecasts True, then graphene oxide will one day be as prevalent in our world as plastic is now. It is already It’s raining On us from above, polluting us Soil, Being laser printing on food, and therefore likely already present in all of us. If so, it seems reasonable to conclude, based on everything we know about the former medical experiments On humans, something similar is happening today.

But why is a substance like this introduced into the human body? Katherine Austin Fitts venture a guess:

So let me go where I think he’s going. I guess where they’re going – and they’re designing tons of technology, so I don’t think they have it yet – but where they want to go is they want to download the Microsoft Office system into your body, in your mind, and connect it to the Jedi cloud nodes and the CIA’s Amazon Cloud nodes. And if they can get seven billion people directly connected to their cloud contracts and use viruses – I mean, they’re very smart – use viruses to keep those updates coming. As you know, just keep these updates coming.

So I saw my latest article, Injection falsification. I think it is fraudulent to name these vaccines; They are not vaccines, they are not medicine. But I think it’s the same model I used for computers and ideas. Just like Bill Gates made it possible for intelligence agencies to get a backdoor into – you know, our data – and our computers. They want a back door in our minds, and it would be very difficult if you hadn’t looked at the scary technology, Charles Lieber kind of technology, it’s hard to understand but we’re starting to understand.

Experimental injection. Magnetic nanoparticles. human operating system. Alas, these are not the dreams of a lonely and crazy scientist, but rather technologies that have already arrived. The COVID-19 scare has accelerated the introduction of these and many more scary technologies into the public domain like Trojans to more terrifying technologies that are yet to be revealed. The work of researchers such as Whitney Webb, Alison McDowell, Katherine Austin Fitts, Rosa Coeur, James Corbett, Patrick Wood, and anyone else who sheds light on a transhumanist agenda is more important than ever.

For too long, we’ve narrowed down all things COVID-19 just like the forces we shouldn’t hope for. There is no pandemic, just a psychological process in full swing. This process needs as much resistance as possible, but if we fail to see beyond that, their dream can be fulfilled without a fight. In addition to saying no to experimental syringes and masks loaded with nanoparticles, we must begin to say no to everything that is being used to create the graphene oxide prison that is being built around us.

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