Glance! More amazing new air fryer recipes in the healthy mummy app!


Last month we launched an all-new air fryer meal plan option in the Healthy Mummy app. It has proven hugely popular with the healthy mummy community as we’ve added more heaps of amazing air fryer recipes plus another option for our additional air fryer meal plan for next month!

Take a quick look at some of the new Air Fryer recipes in the Healthy Mummy app!

Mothers love air fryer recipes!

Moms have been chatting in the community about how easy and healthy an air fryer gives you the same crunchy results as traditional frying, but with much less fat!

Our new air fryer recipes include delicious breakfasts, snacks, main meals and desserts. They are all family-friendly too and full of goodness which means you can get the most out of an air fryer.

You can either follow the Bonus Air Fryer meal plan option, or use the Healthy Mummy app to search for air fryer recipes to customize your current meal plan. It’s up to you!

A peek at some of our new air fryer recipes

Mexican Chimichangas Air Fryer – 239 calories per serving

Oh my god how good does this look? And it even tastes better. Make these beauties for your next Mexican feast.

Get the recipe here

Perfectly Cooked Air Fryer – Roast Lamb & Lemon Greens – 395 calories per serving

The beauty of this recipe is that you can have it on the table in less than half an hour! Not bad for a roast lamb dinner. Great when you have a short time in the middle of the week.

Get the recipe here

Keto Friendly Air Fryer Meatballs

These low-carb meatballs with low-carb cheese are super delicious and are bound to be a hit with the whole family! You can even offer a side of pasta to the kids.

Get the recipe here

Delicious Air-Fried Vegetarian Donut Balls – 146 calories per serving

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these delicious vegan muffins are easy to prepare. Simply prepare the dough, roll it into balls, dip it in cinnamon and sugar, then air fry it to perfection.

Get the recipe here

Sweet and Healthy Air Fryer Chocolate Butter Cookie – 272 calories per serving

Air fryers are great for making cookies and these little gems are no exception. Enjoy it warm straight from the air fryer or keep it warm after dinner with a cup. If any remain !!

Get the recipe here

See here for how to access the Bonus Air Fryer meal plan – Here’s how to customize according to the different meal plans in the Healthy Mummy app

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