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Water is the lifeblood of exceptional whiskey. It affects the personality, softness and finish of the soul – Mother Nature’s special touch.

Given that good water is essential to making good whiskey, the growing popularity of Japanese whiskey should not come as a surprise. The island country is home to some of the purest waters on earth, and is considered a sacred part of Japanese culture. But if water is the soul of whiskey, then its heart lies in the mentality of Japanese distilleries – who treat their craft as a wonderful art form.

Over the past few years, whiskey aficionados have been clamoring to get their hands on these bottles. Unfortunately, inflated prices and scarce availability have made it difficult to savor Japan’s unique whiskey culture – even now. Tenjaku was launched last year and is among the fastest growing brands in its category, and it’s not hard to see why.

Nestled in the fertile Kofu Basin and surrounded by soaring peaks including the Japanese holy mountain Fuji, Tingaku whiskey It accomplishes something extremely rare – making the most authentic and excellent Japanese blended whiskey that is accessible and affordable.

Tenjaku uses some of the purest water on Earth to make whiskey, from 250 meters below the surface.
Tenjaku uses some of the purest water on Earth to make whiskey, from 250 meters below the surface. Tenjaku

Like all great whiskeys, you start with water. Tingaku whiskey It is distilled in the city of Fufuki, which is located above the pristine natural spring water that flows from the Misaka mountain range. The water is obtained from a depth of 250 meters below the surface, and it is filtered naturally through porous igneous rocks. This process results in a mild mineral content and velvety-smooth, slightly alkaline properties – ideal for easy-to-drink whiskey distillation with balanced flavor.

Of course, there is a lot more to this whiskey than water. Tenjaku master distillation machine is one of the most famous names in the world of Japanese winemaking and whiskey – Kenji Watanabe. Having made several award-winning whiskeys and wines since the 1990s, Watanabe brings just that Tenjaku A wealth of experience and a dedicated philosophy, “Be gracious with time for your profession.”

Let’s create or innovate Blended Tingaku WhiskeyWatanabe began by carefully selecting untreated whiskey with a mashed bill of 86% corn and 14% barley. Next, a double copper bowl distilled the whiskey using pure natural spring water. To finish it off, the whiskey was stale using seasoned Kentucky bourbon barrels. Over the course of countless tasting and tattooing sessions, Watanabe used cutting-edge techniques and prior experience to create a clean, timeless blend of whiskey for three, five, and six years.

Blended Tingaku Whiskey It strikes your tongue with a smooth and pleasant taste, while its unique flavor and sweet taste make it even more pleasant on the rocks. Highballs also pair well with Tenjaku – soda bubbles burst with a sweet but mildly smoky scent.

Tenjaku's main distillery, Kenji Watanabe.
Tenjaku’s main distillery, Kenji Watanabe. Tenjaku

Not surprisingly, Wantanabe’s efforts have generated once again critical acclaim. The Tingaku Blended Whiskey Ranked 91 (exceptional) by the Beverage Testing Institute. In addition to an exceptional rating, it has awarded BTI Tenjaku With the Best Japanese Blended Whiskey Award 2020. This honor is a testament to the superior quality and unique properties of Tenjaku – confirming its place among the premium Japanese whiskey brands.

Not to mention, at only $ 45 a bottle – it’s a very attractive price point for premium whiskey. Find out what the hype is all about and get a bottle In a store near you or Online.

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