Garage Door Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

The garage door is a vital part of your home’s safety and security. It can also fail, especially in extreme weather conditions such as winter or spring. Acton Garage Door Repair will need to be repaired so you can use your garage and keep your family safe.

Here are some preventative maintenance suggestions that you can make to keep your garage door in top shape.

1. Clean and sweep away all debris and cobwebs from floorsmats, corners and other areas around the doors. Clean and dry them, too, to ensure they don’t become greasy and cause problems.

2. Use a specialized garage lubricant, such as silicone spray lubricant, to treat the tracks, hinges springs, springs, tracks, and opener’s chain (not WD-40 or any lithium grease). This type of lubricant will protect metal parts from rust and wear.

3. Fix a broken door cable

If the cable connecting the opener to the garage doors snaps or frays, it could cause serious injury to anyone who is in its path. To replace the cable, contact a garage-door technician immediately if this happens.

4. Restore alignment

If the door isn’t aligned correctly, it won’t open and close properly. This can occur when the rollers go off track or if a blockage is present in your home. To access the tracks, you might need to take the door off.

5. Adjust the tension of the Torsion springs

If your garage door is having difficulty opening or taking too much time to open, you should check the tension of the torsion springs. To check the tension, lift and lower it a few times. If it’s too loose, tighten the screws holding the torsion springs in place until you get the desired result.

6. Check the safety sensors to make sure they are safe and efficient.

If your garage door’s safety sensor isn’t working, you can gently clean them and align them with a level. This will make the safety sensors work better and prevent flashing.

7. Change the battery of the garage door opener

If you can’t open your garage door manually, it’s time for new batteries. The battery should last at least six months before it has to be replaced. A new battery costs $20 on average.

8. Maintain the rollers

The garage door’s rollers are an essential part of its operation. They push the garage door up and down, making it open and close easily. They’re usually painted, but you can get them coated with a non-skid surface to increase their durability.

9. Clean and lubricate the opener’s screws, cables, and chains

A few minutes each year spent lubricating these components will prevent wear and tear and ensure your garage door opens and closes smoothly. This will not only save you money, but also prevent your garage door’s from breaking down or needing repair.

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