From sitting on the couch to completing a triathlon! How this mom lost 27 kilos and loves her new lifestyle

How awesome does Lauren Kollstad look! The gorgeous mum lost 27 kg by following her 28 day weight loss challenge.

And to celebrate her amazing win, she took part in a photo shoot for Healthy mummy.

“I said goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. I said hello to a healthy mummy! It’s very flexible for my family, the recipes are great,” Says.

My mom loses 27 kilos and stuns in a healthy mummy photoshoot

Lauren’s amazing weight loss transformation

By combining a healthy diet and exercise, Lauren has been able to maintain the weight she lost with the help of healthy mummy She maintained a healthy life.

My mom loses 27 kilos and stuns in a healthy mummy photoshoot

For most of her life, Lauren has been a passionate eater. “I’m the definition of an emotional eater – you name it, I’ll eat because of it,” Says.

“For most of my life, the exercise or physical activity I was doing would balance this aspect of eating, but as I got older and especially after my son was born, this was less and more.”

My mom loses 27 kilos and stuns in a healthy mummy photoshoot

In fact, Lauren says she was hiding behind the humor and the smile but on the inside she would be frustrated, angry and bitter.

Losing weight didn’t ‘fix me’ but taking control of my lifestyle by making healthy changes, eating better and exercising regularly Says.

Lauren Kollstad

Lauren has found a new love for exercise

If you follow healthy eating and exercise plans, you’ll know there are always ways to get around finding time to exercise. And that is exactly what Lauren sought to achieve.

I realized it with 28 day weight loss challengeAnd the The exercise videos are specially created for you to do in the comfort of your own home!

Lauren says she was always an athletic teen—she was a national swimmer and played state basketball. She was never into running but always wanted to be in a race. Trying to achieve this goal is part of what started her on her athletic journey.

My mom loses 27 kilos and stuns in a healthy mummy photoshoot

“Before healthy mummyI always thought the exercise was planned, hour by hour, with the equipment,” Says , “I’ve never exercised at home (and then again very rarely at all!).

“I couldn’t run more than a few meters without feeling like I was going to be tossed and gone at the same time,” reveal.

“I struggled to run after my son. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do with him, like take him to the park.”

Lauren also changed her diet

Despite being sporty when she was younger, Lauren’s active lifestyle quickly took a turn south and found herself devouring junk food.

Then I joined healthy mummy app And my mum found a great, easy, and busy way to exercise and found me healthy! ”

But the mum of two soon found herself getting leaner and faster and fulfilled her dream of finishing a full triathlon! Lauren says she loves her now Exercising at home.

You can use whatever you have around you – kids! Kids play. home furniture. Squatting holds your son 25 kg and your daughter 14 kg.

“Push-ups with the added weight. Double plank with your son on top!” She explained.“The options are endless.”

Are you ready to join the 28 day weight loss challenge?

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