From Homeless in America To Organic Farmer in Kenya

By Neenah Payne

Kunga Kihohia was raised by Kenyan parents who had relocated to Miami, Florida. Kihohia explains that although he was not born in Kenya, he always considered it his home. When he was 10 years old, he moved to Kenya for five years where he lived on a farm and learned Swahili, his father’s native language. Kihohia said it was the greatest adventure in his life and such a memorable time. He felt content and at peace being surrounded by nature.

Kihohia says had he not been in Kenya from ages 10-15, his life may have had a completely different trajectory. He explains that in America, Black males have to be quite lucky not to fall into some of the traps that keep them from realizing their fullest potential. However, when he went back to America, because he had been rooted in African culture, he had a different context. So, Kihohia recommends that African emigrants send their children back home for 1-2 years to get rooted in their culture. He also recommends that for all peoples of African descent around the world – including Black Americans.

From Banking Career To Broke!

In He was homeless in America, now he owns 20 acres organic farm in Kenya , Kihohia is interviewed by Lynn Ngugi. Kihohia graduated from Florida International University (FIU), a business school where he was the student government president. When he left FIU, Kihohia worked in corporate financing at Wells Fargo, one of the biggest banks in the US. In his mid-to-late-twenties, he was climbing the corporate ladder and was making about $50,000/year.

However, Kihohia was restless because he felt he wasn’t being paid what he was worth, it wasn’t what he felt his purpose and God-given destiny on this Earth was, and it was affecting his health. So, Kihohia unconsciously found a way to get fired because his spirit had already left the job, but he didn’t have the guts to quit! So, Kihohia started giving the bank reasons to fire him – like showing up two hours late, and taking three-hour lunch breaks.

When Kihohia got fired at age 29, he found himself in one of the worst situations financially in his life. Every business he tried to start failed. So, he ended up homeless, sleeping in a car in Miami. It was the most difficult time in his life, because after all he had accomplished, he couldn’t understand how he could end up homeless. His mother lived 90 minutes away in West Palm Beach, Florida, but he refused to go back home. Kihohia felt that since he had gotten himself into that situation, he had to take the responsibility to get himself out.

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Kihohia studied a lot of success literature – books like Think and Grow Rich, Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People, and How To Win Friends and Influence People. That made Kihohia realize that although he was broke, he was not poor because poor is a state of consciousness and he had developed a very wealthy consciousness. That allowed him to maintain his dignity, humanity, and sanity while he was challenged financially. Kihohia made a deep resolution to change his financial situation. He vowed to forever remove money as an issue in his life. So, he got on a path to make money. Kihohia did affirmations.

Certified As Health Educator By Hippocrates Health Institute

Kihohia found some mentorship, business partners, and a business model. In 3-5 years, he had achieved his financial goals. However, he had compromised a lot of the principles of health he values.

Kihohia explains that it was the peoples of what is now Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania who first brought yoga, meditation, and proper breathing to the world! See Kemetic Yoga and CNN’s video Yoga in Egypt. Also see Video: CNN’s Travel Trends promotes Kemetic Yoga. “Kemet” is the Egyptian name for Egypt. Many of the peoples now in Kenya migrated from Egypt.

While Kihohia was in business school, he had become a certified African yoga instructor and started teaching at the Miami Day Community college. In his early twenties, Kihohia became a vegan and raw food advocate. So, he had always had a love of the wellness culture, but he couldn’t make a living at it.

Kihohia had sacrificed the things he loved in pursuit of money and ended up weighing about 350 pounds. He was obese and pre-diabetic. Although Kihohia had a lot of money, was flying around America, staying in fancy hotels, renting expensive cars, he wasn’t happy. When two of his business partners died of lifestyle diseases, the seeds were planted for Kihohia to return to what he loves –to his homeland to do organic farming and natural, holistic living.

Kihohia began to see the “Africa Rising” narrative in a lot of publications – that it was a new day in Africa because China was investing in Africa, building railroads, airports, and other infrastructure and Africa was adopting digital currencies, etc. Since Kihohia had not been home for 16 years,  decided to go to Kenya to see for himself what was happening.

Kihohia went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in South Florida (photo above). He had known about it for 15 years, but had never visited. The institute has about 150 patients from around the world who pay a minimum of $10,000 to stay there for three weeks to participate in the Life Transformation Program. The institute serves no cooked food, only raw food.

Kihohia did the 3-week program and also took the Health Educators Program. Kihohia graduated in November 2014, certified as a Health Educator in iridology, raw food preparation, and in a number of other health and wellness fields. In December 2014, Kihohia went to Kenya for what was supposed to be three weeks. However, Kihohia has now been in Kenya for seven years!

Kihohia’s Journey From America To Africa

In I Had More Money Than I knew What To Do With It! My Journey From The USA to Kenya, Africa, Kihohia discusses his journey with the Afrikan Traveller. He explains that he went broke at age 29, but had more money by age 35 than he knew what to do with. He points out that the Back To Nature Farm he founded is a component of the Back To Nature Movement which promotes natural, holistic living.

I LEFT THE USA TO DO ORGANIC FARMING IN KENYA AFRICA. Back to Nature Farm is a December 2020 Afrikan Traveller video tour of Kihohia’s Back to Nature Farm. The video explains that plants capture sunlight and store it in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll (plant blood) is 99.9% similar to the hemoglobin in human blood on a molecular level. That’s why when you drink green juices, your body absorbs them immediately and begins the process of rejuvenation. It’s like giving a car an oil change!

The global market for avocados is huge and the farm will have 3,000 avocado trees, but it has a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables now until the trees mature in a couple of years. Beans are planted to fix nitrogen to the soil. The video explains that the farm rotates crops to enrich the soil. The farm encourages people to have at least a kitchen garden because nature will pay you back exponentially.
The farm is watered through a system powered by solar energy.

Back To Nature Organic Farm

From a homeless man in America, Kihohia is now one of the owners the 20-acre Back To Nature Organic Farm in Murang’a, Kenya. The video Africa’s Incredible LIFE GIVING Alkaline/Acidic Substance Necessary For ALL Organic Farming MUST SEE discusses the importance of the soil. The Back To Nature YouTube channel has lots of informative videos because Kihohia is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and mentoring others to go back to nature.

Management Tips For Farming Success

The GOOD The BAD The UGLY Of Farm Management In AFRICA; 4 MUST HAVE Structures & How To SUCCEED/WIN! , is a video in the channel in which Kihohia  mentors new organic farmers. He explains that only 3% of businesses startups in the US survive 5 years! Startups are even more difficult in Africa. So, Kihohia recommends that people starting farms read success literature because people who succeed must have an abundance mindset. Kihohia stresses the importance of choosing a name for the farm that reflects its identity, vision, and mission statement.

Back To Nature Movement

In the 2017 interview BACK TO NATURE MOVEMENT ON RISE TODAY, Kihohia, founder Back To Nature Movement, said the movement had 2,000 members and is based on a simple philosophy: the closer we are to nature, the healthier, more at peace, and more at ease we are. As we move away from nature, we become dis-eased. So, the message is “Come back to nature”. Kihohia explains why he recommends everyone drink 500 milliliters (17 oz) of 80% vegetable and 20% fruit juice three times a week. Kihohia did a 100-day juice fast under a doctor’s supervision which allowed him to lose a lot of weight and restore his health! He says “Health is wealth” and advises people to take their health very seriously.

Kihohia says that while Kenyans have more challenges and don’t have the infrastructure of Western countries, they are happier. Non-communicable lifestyle diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes were not known in Africa a couple of generations ago. Lifestyle is the primary cause and cure.

Kihohia explains that Kenya’s growing middle class is watching movies on Netflix and wants to live like the people in the films. Now, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Burger King, and KFC are in Africa. So, a fast-food culture has taken over. This change in lifestyle is what is driving the rise in diseases that were not in Africa 5 to 15 years ago. People become sick when they move away from nature and get into artificial things like genetically-modified foods (GMOs), pesticides, agrochemicals, and fake lifestyles.

Kihohia realized that he might be able to help others avoid the pitfalls he had fallen into with poor diet. So, he connected with people of like minds and founded the Back to Nature Movement which states that the closer we are to nature, the more happy, at peace, and at ease we are. When we move away from nature, the more we experience disease. So, when we are sick, we are said to be diseased.  Our body came from the soil – and to it we shall return. Kihohia advises people to make health the foundation of their lives and success.

Kihohia said the Back To Nature Farm was born from the Back To Nature Farm Movement because it’s important to ensure health from the farm to the fork. Kihohia says they are planting an avocado orchard which takes about three years to produce a harvest. Meanwhile, they intercrop with cabbages, tomatoes, peppers, indigenous African vegetables, etc. to sell to the market now.

The Back To Nature Africa YouTube channel was just launched.

Back To Nature Holistic Wellness Retreat Center

The Mission of the Back To Nature Movement

“The Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goals & Objectives!

  1. We seek to Inspire, Motivate, and Encourage
  2. Kenyans, East Africans, & Africans (Inclusive of the Disapora)
  3. Through a Movement.
  4. To adopt a More Natural Holistic Lifestyle approach
  5. Towards Regaining and/or Maintaining Optimal Full Potential HEALTH & WELLNESS!!

If the Possibility exists for Experiencing LIFE Optimally at 100%, why settle for 40% or 50%?!? Why not Strive to THRIVE & not merely Survive?!?”

The video The  BTN’s Natural Holistic Wellness Retreat Center shows people jogging, a woman explains why she meditates, and Kihohia discusses the importance of the nutrients in the foods served. The Back To Nature Movement believes that the more people return to nature, the healthier, more at peace, and more at ease they are. Kihohia says the more we move away from nature, the more dis-eased we are. Kihohia discusses the vegetables he is juicing.

In Back to Nature Movement: Kunga Kihohia explains how Kihohia lost over 40 kilos (88 pounds) on his 100-day juice fast.

Testimonials About Green Juice Fasts!

In If You Don’t Make Time For Wellness, You Will Have To Make Time For Illness!, Kihohia explains that when he was in America, he weighed 175 kilos (386 pounds) and began to develop pre-diabetes and hypertension. When two of his business partners died from life-style diseases, Kihohia realized they had worked so hard to make a lot of money, but did not live to enjoy it. He knew if he did not change, he might end up like them. So, he decided to leave the cut-throat world of high sales and marketing where he had compromised a lot of his principles and values.

Kihohia decided to visit Kenya for three weeks to investigate first-hand the glowing reports he was hearing about Africa. He felt a sense of peace and of belonging and has now been in Kenya for over 7 years. When he started a 20-acre organic farm, the Back To Nature Movement began. Kihohia started his 100-day juice fast on October 10, 2016 when he weighed 140 kg (309 pounds). His goal was to restore his health. He explains that weight loss is a side effect – not the primary goal.

Now 22% of deaths in Kenya are caused by lifestyle diseases after the introduction of fast food restaurants. So, the Back To Nature Movement is advocating a lifestyle change to restore and maintain health. The five water-soluble supplements Kihohia uses with juice fasts are Moringa, Spirulina (blue green algae for protein), Flax Seed, Chia Seeds, and Cayenne Pepper to open the capillaries to allow the blood to flow and absorb nutrients from the juices. See Konnect: Different Juicing Recipes.

WOW Life Changing Testimonies of BackToNature Journeys!!! begins with a testimonial by a diabetic man who did a 28-day juice fast that allowed him to reduce his insulin from three times a day to once a day. The second testimonial is with a woman who cured her migraines and allergies with a 28-day juice fast. The third person was able to reduce drugs for her high blood pressure with a 28-day juice fast and feels like a 20-year-old now. How To Break 100DAY Juice Fast In AFRICA includes testimonials by others who participated in juice fasts.

Kihohia says to email the Back To Nature Foundation at [email protected] to receive FAQs, a shopping list, recipes, a list of organic farmers, nutritionists, doctors, and alternative therapists (including massage therapists and acupuncturists), etc. in Kenya. All the information is free. Kihohia advises people to have an “Attitude of Gratitude” and points out the central importance of the mind as the foundation of health. The Foundation explains that it is working in Kenya because it is the cradle of human civilization and the healthy traditional lifestyle is under threat there from many sources now.

Plans For Film “Unplugged: A Journey Back To Nature”

The plans for the film are shown at:

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