French President Macron authorizes passports and vaccines for Covid-19

by Jesse Smith

Calls for mandatory vaccination are growing worldwide despite the fact that COVID-19 “vaccines” are leaving an unprecedented number of people infected or dead. News agency I recently reported that French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered all health workers in the country to take a COVID shot by September 15. In addition, it allowed the use of vaccine passports for people who want to visit a restaurant, shopping mall or hospital. People must also show that they have had a vaccination, recently recovered from the virus, or recently received a negative test result in order to travel by plane or train.

Use of the “TousAntiCovid” health passport will be expanded to places with more than 50 people such as museums and stadiums from July 21. Starting in August, it will be expanded for use in bars, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes as well as long-distance train travel.

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TousAntiCovid, France’s vaccine passport application

Macron tweeted a gif of himself repeating the phrase “faites-vous” which translates to “get vaccinated”.

Since the announcement, local France She reported that more than 1.3 million people went online to schedule an appointment to get the shot.

Citing the rising numbers of cases of Delta disease to spread fear, the prime minister announced a package of measures to help control the spread, and put forward the idea that only vaccination can make it happen.

Macron said:

Depending on the development of the situation, we will undoubtedly have to think about mandatory vaccinations for everyone in France … But I am making a choice of trust, and I solemnly invite all of our compatriots who have not been vaccinated for vaccination. as soon as possible.

As this epidemic was repeated at the beginning of the “pandemic” by government leaders, health officials and technocrats such as Bill Gates, Macron added that vaccination “is the only way to return to normal life.”

It should be clear to anyone with a pulse by now that governments are putting clamps on those who resist COVID shots for whatever reason. The United States is now going door to door to “encourage” vaccination. Calls to make life miserable for ‘anti-vaccators’ are growing from mainstream propaganda outlets such as CNNAnd the The New York Times, And the Washington Post.

This is a medical tyranny and it must be resisted at all costs or else we will never again have the freedom to choose what we put inside our bodies.

Source: The truth is not hidden

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