French face 6 months in prison for entering a bar or restaurant without a COVID permit

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People in France who enter a bar or restaurant without a COVID permit face a 6-month prison sentence, while business owners who fail to check their status face a year in prison and a €45,000 fine.

Yes really.

The sanctions are part of a draconian effort by the French government to force citizens to take the coronavirus hit amid multiple wild protests in several major cities.

President Emmanuel Macron announced earlier this week that people unable to prove they have been vaccinated or test negative for COVID (at their own expense) will be banned from using public transport and entering cinemas, shopping centres, pubs, cafes, restaurants and other places from August 1.

“People who are unable to present a valid health clearance run the risk of up to six months in prison and a fine of up to €10,000 (£8,500), according to the draft text of the law, while owners of ‘institutions welcoming the public’ who do not do so check the Permits beneficiaries can go to prison for a year and a fine of 45,000 euros,” Reports Watchman.

Sanctions represent the most tyrannical move to enforce vaccine compliance in the West, perhaps bypassing many actual dictatorships in other parts of the world.

The Guardian describes it euphemistically as the “big stick approach,” which would be true if that “big stick” were electric cattle the size of the One World Trade Center building in New York.

The government was forced to withdraw a similar law in December following several riots, but it has reintroduced the same legislation with harsher penalties for opponents.

as we were before highlightedPolice in Paris used tear gas to disperse protesters protesting the actions in scenes that erupted in several other major cities across the country.

We are now entering the stage of a pandemic where it has become clear that those who refuse to take the vaccine will remain under the most difficult lockdown measures so far in perpetuity.

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