Ford’s latest GT honors the car that started it all

Ford makes supercars? Consider the amount of attention Truck and SUV At the end of the company’s lineup, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing Detroit’s influential racing history. It all began in 1964 when Ford created the GT, a stylish and powerful race car designed to take on the titans of Europe at Le Mans. The car won the famous race four times in a row, from 1966 to ’69, then the updated GT won the race again in 2016. Ford has produced two legal versions of the GT since 2005, but now’s your chance to own a piece of its heritage. The races are about to end: Ford will stop making the GT after 2022. However, the car will be coming out with great fanfare, as Ford just announced the 2022 Ford GT64 Prototype Legacy. It’s a homage to the original ’64 GT that started it all.

The heritage version is a catnip for collectors. Although it has a modern drivetrain and plenty of carbon fiber livery, it takes styling cues from the first-ever GT, which debuted at the 1964 New York International Auto Show.

“This order goes in depth, honoring the oldest legacy of Ford’s supercars,” said Mike Severson, Ford GT program manager, in a press release. “The Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition is a modern interpretation of the original, without a doubt as to what this vehicle pays tribute to.”

Ford GT '64 Prototype Heritage Edition

The 2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition and the 1964 Ford GT Model That Inspired It photo courtesy

The paint scheme borrows heavily from the Prototype 64. It features cream Wimbledon White paint with contrasting Antimatter Blue graphics, and is paired with a racing stripe that extends over the roof towards the rear of the car, just like the prototype. While the original wore polished wire wheels, the Heritage version was upgraded with 20-inch carbon fiber wheels; It was painted anti-blue to match the rest of the color scheme. Brembo brake calipers come in silver, which helps them pop out from behind the wheels without looking too flashy.

There’s also plenty of carbon fiber in this car, something you definitely wouldn’t see in a car from the 1960s. The front splitter, side sills, mirror stems, engine bays and rear diffuser are all made of the material.

Ford GT '64 Prototype Heritage Edition
photo courtesy

The interior follows a more muted blue and black color scheme, and there’s plenty of carbon fiber on offer, too. They appear on the door sills, the A-pillar, the divider between the driver and passenger seats, the dashboard, and the steering wheel – studded with an intimidating array of buttons and knobs, just like modern racing cars. Unlike modern racing cars, there are also plenty of Alcantara and blue suede fabrics to pamper you while you drive.

Looks aside, there’s plenty of muscle under the hood to support the massive bodywork. Like the rest of the GT lineup, the Heritage is powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that puts out 647 horsepower. It’s powered by a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with steering-wheel-mounted transmission paddles, and it also includes high-performance add-ons like a deployable rear spoiler to keep the car grounded. It doesn’t just look like a racing car, it goes like one too.

Ford hasn’t released pricing details, but looking at the $500,000 regular GT cars, you can expect they’ll be pretty steep. For more information, head over to Ford site.

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