Food Revolution Summit: Free April 24 – May 2

by Nina Payne

Register Now for free 10The tenth Annual Food Revolution Summit From April 24 until May 1Street. Each day, three informational and inspiring interviews featuring leading experts in food and health will be broadcast at 12 PM, 1 PM and 2 PM ET and will be available for repeat for 24 hours. On May 2nd, John and Ocean Robbins will conclude the Final Summit where they will discuss the hottest junk food and highlights of the previous eight days of interviews.

John Robbins Can inherit Baskin-Robbins Empire His father and uncle created him. However, he shied away from money and power. why? John didn’t want to dedicate his life to selling ice cream after realizing it was making people unhealthy – including his uncle Burt Baskin Who died at the age of 54.

So, he decided to make a drastic change. For the past 34 years, John has written about healthy eating and healthy living (including bestseller books The New American Diet And the The Food RevolutionMillions of copies have been sold and have been translated into more than 31 languages. John’s son of Ocean is the founder The Food Revolution Location.

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Three speakers every day on eight topics

All speakers will be interviewed by John Robbins, best-selling author of the book The New American Diet. Interviews will be posted each day at 11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM ET and will be available for 24 hours. Each interview will last approximately 50 minutes and will be followed by a discussion and questions and answers with Ocean Robbins. Download The Summit program It lists speakers every day. It includes an overview of what they will say and a space for you to jot down notes and record main meals.

Videos: Why do we need a food revolution now!

Upon registration, you receive the following educational videos from Ocean. He says:

“Even though the summit didn’t start until April 24th, we want to get the party (healthy and virtual) started now! So my dad and my colleague, John Robbins, made two short videos just for you personally, from our hearts to yours. Hope you enjoy it. It is the story of ice cream – 31 flavors of ice cream – and it’s also a story of health and transformation. You’ll also get some of my most important insights into where we are in the world of food – and where we’re going. In the second video, he explains My father really made us need a food revolution – and what gives him hope for the future of our food. He’s been driving the mission for over 31 years now (there’s that number again!), Which has inspired millions of people. I think you’ll love what he has to say. “

# 1 From Baskin Robbins to the Food Revolution

# 2 Why do we need a food revolution

Video: How Food Can Change Everything

the video How food can change everything It tells the story of Adam Sood’s transformation.

“At the Food Revolution Summit, you will gain perspective and wisdom that will help guide you toward wise choices. This information is critically important – now more than ever. Today, I am excited to share two powerful videos that will inspire you to take good care of your body and mind.

Hope they leave you feeling motivated to make the most of the top and keep learning and growing every single day of your life.

The first video tells the miraculous and inspiring story of Adam Sood. Using food to heal, Adam overcame addiction, disease, and major depression that almost killed him. Adam now works as a diabetes and food addiction coach and uses whole food and plant-based nutrition to help his patients restore their mental and physical health. His story is seriously inspiring. It might make you cry (in a good way!).

In the second video, you’ll learn from Jim Kwik, the world’s # 1 brain performance expert, and founder of Superhero You. This man is legendary for helping millions of people improve their memory and speed up their learning. I asked Jim to share what she should know, so you can put your mind into a learning peak state. This will help you achieve maximum learning at the top (and in every endeavor you make in life!). ”

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Video: the peak performance of the brain

the video Pinnacle of brain performance with Jim Kwik Explains that Jim Kwik is the founder Learn Kwik He is a widely recognized global expert in speed reading, memory improvement, brain performance and rapid learning. In this interview, hosted by Ocean Robbins, Jim shares top tips on how to get the most out of the top (and everything you do!), By putting your mind in a peak state for optimal learning. Jim discusses ways to improve your health with a daily structure that supports proper rest and activity. It explains the innovative ‘PIE’ (Place-Imagine-Entwine) method to help you remember the important elements when you just couldn’t jot them down! This method allows you to see, hear and feel the items in the list.

Jim is the author of the April 2020 book No Limits: Upgrade your brain, learn anything faster, and unlock your extraordinary life. Site at Limitless – Jim Kwik The book is the No. 1 bestseller in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon with 9,563 reviews and a 4.7 rating. The site offers a 10-day program. Watch Jim’s Stunning Site: Jim Kwik.

Amazon description says,

Jim Kwik is a world-renowned expert in improving memory, improving the brain, and accelerating learning. After a childhood brain injury left him with learning challenges, Kwik devised strategies to dramatically improve his mental performance. He has devoted his life since then to helping others unleash their true genius and power For more than two decades, he has worked as a mental trainer for students, seniors, entrepreneurs and educators.His work has influenced figures from the Hollywood elite, professional athletes, political leaders and entrepreneurs, with clients from companies such as Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, GE and 20th Century Fox, Cleveland Clinic, WordPress and others such as the United Nations, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Singularity University.

With keywords, it reaches a personal audience of over 200,000 each year; His online videos have garnered hundreds of millions of views. Kwik is featured regularly in the media, including Forbes, HuffPost, and Fast Company, Inc. And CNBC. It is the popular podcast presenter “Kwik Brain”, which is always the best educational training program on iTunes. online courses are used by students in 195 countries.

Kwik, an advocate for brain health and global education, is also a philanthropist with projects ranging from Alzheimer’s research to funding the creation of schools from Guatemala to Kenya, providing healthcare, clean water and learning for children in need. His mission: not to leave a brain behind. “

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