Food Development, Community Building and Speaking the Truth with Curtis Stone

by conscious resistance

In this episode of the Activation podcast, Derek Bruce talks with farmer and activist Curtis Stone. Curtis is a farmer, author, speaker and consultant. His area of ​​expertise is in fast-growing, high-value annual vegetables for direct consumer market flows. Writing, urban farmer, demonstrates intensive organic techniques with a focus on business and systems to simplify labor and production. It presents a new way of thinking about agriculture – a way in which quality of life and profitability coexist.

curtis farm, Green City Acres It is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and was established in 2010. In an eight-month growing season, the farm generates more than $75,000 annually on just a third of an acre. This is done by specializing in a selection of high-value, fast-growing crops that allow for multiple plantings in the same family as well as calculated intercropping strategies. The farm has been recognized internationally as a prime example of how profitable and productive urban farming can be.

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Check out Curtis’ presentation on The Greater Reset: Activate to Expand: Food security through agricultural cooperatives

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