Five gorgeous moms share their new weight loss success and confidence!

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These five amazing moms from A healthy mummy community They are all in different stages of their weight loss journey, but they all feel totally proud of their results. We love celebrating their successes and how they changed their lives by following 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

They are healthier, happier and stronger than ever.

Watch the results of these amazing moms here!

Fi Redding – ”I gained a lot of understanding of my body. “

Fi says: “distance 28-day weight loss challenges I lost 34 kg and never felt better. There are many amazing reasons I love the healthy mummy, one of which is that it focuses not only on weight loss but also on how it feels and NSV (unmeasured victories).

I gained a lot of understanding of my body and how it moved and learned to respect and listen to my body, regained in shape and love to exercise again. After 7 knee surgeries, losing weight has really helped me reduce pain and flexibility in my knee.

I can keep doing this all day. It’s also great for the whole family. We all eat healthy meals and snacks. But most importantly, we love to be out and active walking or jungle together. “

Elizabeth Robert ”Very excited to see my future progress. “

Elizabeth says: “Today is a big day for me, today I lost 10.5 kilos, which is my first goal.

While I still have more weight to lose to reach my big goal, I need to celebrate my mini goals and I’m so proud of this … especially since my birthday is on Monday and that feels great!

The picture to the left is what started my journey this year, and I realized how far I let myself go and make the decision to change.

The person on the right is happy, more comfortable in many aspects of life and very excited to see my future progress. ”

Kim Hicks – Return to prenatal weight

Kim says:For the first time in four years, I’m back to my prenatal weight. I have 7 kilograms to go to my target weight. Sticking to this lifestyle is getting easier every day and I am very grateful for this group. You ladies are amazing and I thank you for your continued support and motivation! “

Cassie Crowzzi – “I was shocked by my progress in such a short time.”

Cassie says:Oh my God so glad I took progress shots.

I had previously lost 47 kilograms before I conceived my third child. I had 7 kilos to lose but I just got nowhere. I joined in December Healthy mummy To get rid of extra weight.

I was deeply shocked by the progress I had made in such such a short time. I feel a lot stronger, too.

Casey Shepherd – Seeing results I never thought I would see ‘

Casey says: “Since the beginning Healthy mummy 6 months ago, I finally reached a loss of 20 kg! Seeing results I never thought I would see, thanks to the healthy mummy! “

Congratulations ladies and thank you for sharing your travels with us!

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