Fiona Falkiner reveals that she can’t wear her jeans

Fiona Falkiner revealed that she can’t wear her favorite jeans anymore and we wanted to tell Fiona that this is totally normal and not for stress!

This week, the former Biggest Loser host, 38, shared a selfie on Instagram while pinning down blue denim.

Fiona captioned the photo, “I thought I was a size 18 but I don’t think so”

It can be very difficult when you have a baby and you have to get used to the change of body, but this is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Our bodies do amazing things when we create a baby and every mother should feel insanely proud of what she did in creating life and birth and not feel bad that her bodies have changed or are too quick to bounce back.

Fiona gave birth to her first child in March, and we’re glad she decided to use it healthy mummy To regain her health, strength, energy and confidence in her body and we are big advocates of looking after yourself after birth and not stressing yourself out – the focus should be on your baby and your mental health.

Family: It comes after Fiona said she was “eager to get health, fitness and strength back again” after giving birth to her son Hunter in March.

Fiona said, “I am so anxious to be healthy, fit and strong again after a difficult IVF journey and pregnancy, now more than ever for my baby, my beautiful fiancé and our October wedding.”

I am not going back to losing weight at the moment; I’m all about being healthy, energetic, and feeling in control. I’m excited for this next chapter of becoming a healthy mummy! ”

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Fight Fitness: “I am so eager to be healthy, fit, and strong again after a difficult IVF journey and pregnancy, now more than ever for my baby, my beautiful fiancé, and our October wedding,” she said.

Fiona and Hailey welcomed their son Hunter into the world on Monday, March 22 – and announced his arrival via a cute post on Instagram.

Fiona wrote: ‘For two years I was a dream. Over the course of nine months we watched you grow. In a second she stole our hearts and showed us a love we never knew.

We present to you Hunter William Falkner born on 22.3.2021. 3.3 kg of children’s gold. Mummy and Pop cartoons are doing a great job.

You can read about it Fiona’s journey with the healthy mummy is here

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