Finish Your Roof In A Sustainable Way With A Zinc Rainwater Drain

Have you installed a new roof yourself? Of course you also want to finish this neatly and sustainably with the correct rainwater drainage. For this you can search on google by typing any search Query for example ‘Roofing Brampton’. You will get website results. Most of the websites have a very extensive range of gutter products for the perfect rainwater system , including zinc receptacles, zinc downspouts and zinc gutters, which you can easily order via their webshop.

Zinc is extremely versatile

Zinc is a very versatile material and is gratefully used in various industries. For example, zinc is used in various ways in the medical industry. The food sector is also concerned with zinc, because it is an indispensable trace element that we as humans get through our diet. But we will of course explain the versatility of zinc to you in particular from the construction sector. Here, zinc is often used as an alloy material in solder, silver nickel and brass. Zinc is also used in the galvanizing of steel; about thirty percent of the total zinc production actually goes here. Galvanizing steel prevents the steel from rusting.

Properties of zinc:

Which properties now ensure that zinc is so widely used in various sectors? Zinc has a very low melting point. This is namely 419.5 degrees Celsius. The boiling point of zinc is 907 degrees Celsius. Due to its low melting point, zinc can be emitted quite easily and this makes processing easier. Zinc is also a fairly brittle metal, but it is very resistant to rust. The latter of course offers many advantages, especially when zinc is used outside. This also makes zinc the fourth most used metal in the world.

The zinc range:

If you choose to make the rainwater supply of your roof with zinc products, then you probably prefer to order these products from one address.

Mast Goths and bakgoten

The most common gutter shape, the box gutter . This gutter consists of a flat bottom with two upright walls, which literally gives the gutter the shape of a container. You can mount a box gutter in two ways: with gutter brackets on the roof edge, or in a wooden casing. A mast gutter is a gutter with a half rounding, which is attached directly under the roof edge.

Round and square downspouts

In the past, downspouts were made of zinc as standard. Nowadays more and more PVC downspouts are being installed, while these are a lot more vulnerable than zinc downspouts. Therefore it still has zinc downspouts in its range. Zinc is very durable and extremely strong, so if you are going for quality then this is a good choice.


receptacle A receptacle is a receptacle in which water collects, after which the rainwater is drained through a downpipe. The receptacle is therefore always located at the top of the downspout and when a downspout is clogged, the receptacle drains the water by means of a spout. The receptacle also ensures that the gutter does not overflow.

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