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Buying a fragrance is an investment, not just financial. You choose something that fits your personality, suits special occasions – or everyday occasions – and makes a positive impression on anyone in your community. Or rather, all this is a file a challengeAnd you have to browse through all of the best perfumes for men (and many of the worst) to access them The perfect match.

But instead of ordering the same scent your co-worker is wearing, you want to find something unique. And while going to the store’s perfume office can be a fun weekend activity (seriously, try it!), You totally can’t. Exam Anything from the store that’s because you’re only able to wear it for a day or evening – not to mention wanting to shower you with 100 different options, and the scents start to creep in and obscure.

To find out if the scent is really right for you, you have to wear it multiple times, in multiple places, around several friends. And doing so requires a versatile home sample – a low investment that helps you make a more informed decision.

Enter scent samples and perfume brands in the subscription service. It’s extremely easy to test fragrances at home, whether you are collecting a small collection of fragrances (for those fragrances that contain them), or are taking your sweet time finding a new distinctive scent. Here are our favorite ways to find the best perfumes for men – tried-and-true pre-purchase methods that help you discover something great, but with a low investment and high return.

Scentbird cologne


Think of Scentbird as a fragrance sampler Netflix – but the original Netflix, when you had a rental queue and were ordering DVDs to your doorstep. You can take a test to help discover scents you never knew you might like, or you can fill your own waiting list with those scents you’ve been keen on trying. For $ 15 a month, they’ll send you a generous 0.27-ounce bottle of that month’s sample, which should keep you wearing it frequently for a month. And with brands like Prada, Acqua di Parma, and Arquiste, you’re destined to find your favorite top brands or four.
[; $15/month}



Luckyscent is not only one of the best places to find full-size niche and designer fragrances online; it is hands down the best place to find samples of those scents, too. You can order them a la carte, for roughly $4 per sample (it varies by brand, but most fall around $4-6). They have thousands to choose from, and while it’ll be a small vial—a true sample size—it’s the most efficient way to customize your discovery process and try a handful of scents at a low cost, but also in rapid time. You can also have them build you a custom sample set based on your tastes and needs, or shop a variety of brand-culled sampler sets, like Gallivant, Escentric Molecules, and Imaginary Authors.
[; approximately $4 per sample]

Cologne Box is a luxurious scent

Luxurious aroma box

Like the Scentbird, the Luxury Scent Box sends you one large sample per month, at $ 15 (although their samples are slightly larger so far, at 0.3 ounces). The “luxury” in its name does not diminish it, either: It’s a great specialist’s choice, including a range of premium fragrances that you can sample for an additional $ 5 per month, and you can apply a member discount on the full-size fragrance you choose to create your own. And with picks from Amouage, Carner Barcelona, ​​Calvin Klein and Bvlgari, there is much more to discover.
[; $15/month]

Cologne brand samples

Brand samples

If there’s a particular brand you want to sample – and better yet, if it’s a niche brand that you might not necessarily find in your department store – check out the brand’s website. (Or browse sites like Sephora, or Luckyscent aforementioned.) You will likely find that they provide a sample package, with small bottles providing enough juice for a few days. Orange Free StateAnd the 19-69, And the Margiela’s house All are great examples. There is always a way to sample the fragrance that most piques your curiosity, and inexpensively. So dig!
[prices vary]

House of Cologne Ito

Travel Collections / Brand Discovery

Another way to experiment with your favorite brands is to have a discovery kit. Label varies from brand to brand, but we are specifically referring to travel-friendly “samples” in larger flasks – from the 0.3-ounce range. These also suit the man who wants to wear a different perfume for different occasions, and who trusts the reputation of a gold star brand. These sets are an investment so far, often like one bottle of perfume. But given how much perfume you get when you buy it, it is he is Long-term complete bottle, spread out as a collection kit. And think of it this way: A $ 50 bottle is a go-to trial, for a full-sized fragrance that can cost upwards of $ 300. Ito houseAnd the DiptyicAnd the Maison Francis Kurkdjian, And the Roja where (Individual Spotting Flasks) are excellent brands to explore here.
[prices vary]

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