Exciting news !!! Three new flavors added to the Premium Smoothie range

We are excited to announce the addition of three new flavors to our website An excellent meal replacement juice set!

The signature juices available at Double Choc and Espresso were incredibly popular, and you’ll now be able to enjoy signature smoothies at Mint shockAnd the Banana sundae and vanilla Flavors!

Find out what Real Mums thinks about the new flavors below!

Have you tried Premium Smoothies?

The Premium Smoothie contains a new healthy premium protein blend that is mostly whey-based. Whey protein provides a very smooth and creamy texture and also has a more intense flavor, so there’s no need to add any additional ingredients, just shake it in your favorite blender and go.

Provides 23 vitamins and minerals, is rich in protein, and high in fiber, in addition to standard juices, it also provides the health benefits of probiotics.

Hear what moms have to say about the flavors of chocolate, banana, and vanilla!

Mum of 4 Cat Christ has found her new Choc Mint Afternoon Tea Treat!

Cat says “Chocolate and mint are a classic combination and in this new healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie blend, it takes it to another level. I couldn’t smell much mint when I opened the tub, but don’t let that fool you. Once added to the liquid of your choice and shake, it packs a fresh mint punch. I guess this might be a sweet new afternoon tea drink with just milk and ice in a shaker, perfect for the busy afternoon at school and sports. ”

Mum of 2 Mel says that Premium Choc Mint flavor reminds her of after dinner mint!

“Choc Mint’s new premium juice will be perfect for dessert, it reminds me when you go out for dinner, and the restaurant will give you chocolate mint, very refreshing but not excessive mint with a chocolate flavor. I love the variety and options that we have now, they make this trip much more enjoyable.”

Hannah Beach, mother of five addicted to the new flavor of Choc Mint.

Hannah says “Choc and Mint a match made in the Healthy Mummy Heaven! I wasn’t usually a chocolate juice person I was hesitant at first with this combo. But after my first juice, I got hooked! The combination of chocolate and mint is so refreshing and it kicks in at 3 PM! Rich, creamy and perfectly proportioned of flavors! I did it again, healthy mummy! ”

Cecily Goodwin from New South Wales found her new favorite flavor!

“I love Choc Mint Premium Smoothie Juice! It’s the perfect balance between chocolate and mint, giving you refreshment and flavor without overpowering. It’s so good, I simply love it with almond milk and ice. It’s creamy, light and very delicious, and I love this new flavor!”

Try our new Choc Mint Superfood Smoothie recipe with New Choc Mint Premium!

Kate Shelbalios mama of four children fell in love with the new Vanilla Premium flavor.

Kate says, “OMG the new deluxe vanilla tastes delicious! And it is very easy to get confused. You really don’t need to add anything else to it either. It is soft and creamy with a lovely vanilla flavor. I think I found my new favorite! ”

Mother of 4 Sasha Farley believes the new Banana Sundae flavor is similar to Banana Paddle Pop!

Sasha says “Very delicious smoothie !!! The best flavor. Imagine a banana racket or add honey and cinnamon to a cafe-style banana juice! It’s yes from me, 10/10 !! ”

Samara Rochelle Khoury found a new smoothie flavor!

Samara says “Oh! Mine! sundae! I am obsessed with the new Premium Smoothie Blend in Banana Sundae flavor !! It smells like the banana candy I had when I was a kid. And the taste is very soft and creamy! This has now worked its way into my best juice flavors !! ”

Beck Ashforth, a mother of five, says the banana sundae reminds her of milkshakes since she was a child!

Bec says, “These are next level ladies and a real journey down memory! The delicious new banana sundae, it will blow your mind. With the luxurious texture, amazing smoothness and creamy goodness of your favorite milkshake as a child. You know the old school type that was a special surprise on a Saturday morning, or after Netball or the end of the semester!

Truly a great, flavor-packed way to start my day, or in a shaker while jogging. This amazingly sweet smoothie will definitely stay at the top of my juice stash. ”

Nik Green’s mom2 agrees with Bec! The banana sundae flavor also brings her back to her childhood!

Nick says, “Omg, this new banana juice takes me back to being a kid! It reminds me of banana ice cream. Add a spoonful of new dried peanut butter too and it’ll be perfect. I loved it mixed in a bowl of Greek yogurt as a snack too! This is one flavor I’ll be stocking! ”

I can’t wait to try it out for yourself !! Jump in and get yours today!

Reasons to make you love distinctive juices

  • Protein blend with 80% whey protein
  • Insanely creamy and more gentle formula
  • 23 vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics to improve gut health
  • Strong flavor
  • Just shake it and go – DELISH!
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Get the premium Smoothie here!

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