Equal parts e-bike and motorbike, a great Mecca cake

It’s clear enough why people explode electric bikes Like the wheel has just been reinvented. Word got out – it’s easier on us humans than regular bikes. Riding this innovative two-wheeled electronic wave is Cake, the Swedish maker One of the few electric motorcycles with serious trail riding capabilities. The company’s newest ride is Makka, the motorcycle you want if you don’t want a motorcycle. Or a motorcycle license. Or to buy gas at all. And at a meager $3800, it’s cheaper than Cargo bikes It is directly related.

Why The Cake Makka is the new most user-friendly e-bike

No license required (most likely)

The Makka can cruise at up to 28 mph (also known as the maximum legal speed of throttle-assist e-bikes in the US) In other words, it’s unlikely in most states that you’ll need a specific motorcycle license to ride Mecca. General rule: If you don’t need a license for an e-bike at your place, you don’t need a license for a Makka bike either.

Mecca Cake, perfect middleweight category

At a manageable 132 pounds, the Cake Makka is about 50 pounds heavier than most featherweight e-bikes, but less than half the weight of a small displacement scooter or moped. What does this mean? It is neither an easy task nor a beast. Lightweight cyclists will find handling this ride a piece of… (we wouldn’t say that).

Close-up of a motorcycle
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solid off-road

With a stocky fork, knob, three-inch tires and short-range suspension, the Makka can withstand America’s tiring and puncture-strewn roads. The average motorcycle is designed to take only trimmed pavement. This trip should be treated like pounding on a short travel mountain bike.

One size fits all

Makka’s adjustable and progressive frame fits almost any rider. Short or tall, just lower or raise the height of the saddle and you’re good to go. It is easily the most common car that can be shared with the family in the garage.

Motorcycle with backpack attached

Makka’s is as practical as it is fun to ride. photo courtesy

Mecca cake can actually hold things

Kick makes mecca with all sorts of rack accessories, whether it’s for surfboards, fishing rods, or even a bike rack. If the outdoors is your gym, you can ditch your car and ride that gas saver to any version of your local track. Ride a wave. Cast for trout. Shred some single lanes. Run the trail. Then all that sweat evaporates on your at-home e-spin. There’s also a second seat option for a friend, and several tow configurations to take into account a grocery station en route.

Covers a decent range

Mecca’s 31-mile range is better than it might seem at first. This is actually very far. Rockaway Beach, from Queens to Manhattan – 25 miles. Lake Green Seattle to First Hill – Less than 10 miles. Draw it, and this efficient bike can take you places.

A man riding a motorcycle with wind turbines in the distance
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Bike lane friendly? The jury is out

End with an open question? Will local cyclists in the US be calm as Mecca shares their route? This has already happened in some cities. With the Grubhub delivering the throttle-only e-bike, the new normal, this turf remains cutting edge, and it’s not entirely clear what’s legal, what’s gray, and what’s not.

[From $3,800;]

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