Earth Day 5G, 2021, April Fools’ Day!

Good day, I am Medusa Banana!

I’d like to welcome you all to the 5G celebration of Earth Day 2021!

“Will 5G Save Our Planet? With 5G, climate change technologies and smart energy grids, we can monitor and manage our energy consumption more effectively, making our planet happier. 5G provides the tools needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” [1]

“Digital technology may be our most powerful tool for tackling climate change. With the year 2021 showing that digitalization can be accelerated rapidly, the same will be true with reductions in carbon dioxide. The 5G network opens up these new opportunities -[2] Especially with the outsourcing of our resources to the moon, Mars and other planets, and the fifth generation missiles that pollute the ozone layer. “

Meet our 5G Marketing Team!

Here on the 5G Marketing Team – we don’t have an easy job, with all the hype around 5G.

When you see the 5G logo everywhere, think The future of our planetAnd And the fourth industrial revolution!

Don’t worry about the natural habitats we’re destroying, and Especially the contribution of 5G to climate change. The truth is, the world needs 5G, and that is simply the price of progress.

Welcome to the wonderful 5G ecosystem!

Is it ironic that Earth Day addresses climate change, by promoting massive increases in 5G infrastructure and 5G energy consumption? But the wireless ecosystem is truly committed to delivering memes, cat videos and Tik-Toks from nature to everyone, everywhere, anytime, at blazing speeds with minimal latency!

For example, “Sir David Attenborough is ready to bring his distinctive narratives to people’s smartphones through an augmented reality (AR) app inspired by the upcoming BBC documentary series in five parts, The Green Planet. The interactive app will enable users to watch a video” triple Dimensions of “Attenborough together with the flora and fauna in their surroundings”. “This cutting-edge app, pioneered by broadcast legend Sir David Attenborough, is set to be an inspiring example of how we can reconnect new technology with the natural world while demonstrating the power of 5G to a huge new audience,” said Matt Warman. Minister of Digital Infrastructure. “[3]

Pollution of land and space does not pose a threat to human civilization, as 5G technology provides endless solutions. We see 5G technology on the ground and in space as a business opportunity. (Think bonding adult diapers and energy drinks for addicted interplanetary players on their way to Mars!) “In a fast-paced world where we can’t pause in life or work, 5G delivers a much-needed boost.”[4]

Preventive and environmental reviews are an unnecessary hindrance. After all, there are millions of mineral resources waiting to be mined, and orbs to be possessed … eh … I mean, they have been explored!

Some say it’s the end of the fossil fuel era – but we’re saying it’s just the beginning of something better, the galactic nuclear age, with nuclear power on the moon, to definitely gain control of Earth and space, and win the race on the 5G network.

Although 5G requires $ billions in government subsidies, 5G will bridge the digital divide, by providing everyone and everything (including connected diapers) wireless internet access on every square inch of the Earth and beyond.

We would like to thank the International Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) their friends (I mean colleagues!), And other captured agencies and regulators, for making our work so much easier, with a low-latency lightning speed!

Special thanks to tech giants and their pursuit of riches while competing for heaven. Babel tower building dwindles alongside your achievements! Never miss an opportunity, as you have shown resilience and resourcefulness during this pandemic by “providing services” (adding $ 931 billion in profits) while many others have suffered financial devastation from the economic meltdown. Because “… the blazing speeds of 5G could put some rocket fuel into our economy and help companies recover from the pandemic.”[5]

Starting April 5th, we’re counting down to Earth Day 2021, distinction required! Read Natural Blaze! And Happy April Fools! Wink wink!

Thank you all for reading and we hope you enjoy An amazing 5G promise.

Lots of love, Medusa Banana, There are no rights reserved with 5G

Medusa Banana created by Flo Freshman

Courtesy of Greenwashing for Team 5G chipset Greenwash Tech, there are no rights reserved with 5G

Note: Adapted with permission. Watch the original video of Joshua Hart, of Stop Smart Meters, speaking at the UK’s Bristol Museum in 2007 against the Shell Oil Corporation for its sponsorship of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards, which it no longer does:




[3] Dimension Studios


[5] Dimension Studios

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