Dozens outside Houston Methodist Hospital protested mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy

Written by Matthew Seedorf Fox 26

While millions of Americans have now received the COVID-19 vaccine, millions of others are also choosing not to get vaccinated.

On Saturday, nearly a hundred people protested outside Houston Methodist Hospital against the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy.

“We do not agree with forcing us to have a mandatory vaccination, otherwise we will be fired from our job,” said Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse.

As mentioned earlier, Houston Methodist is requiring its employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination by June 7th. If not, they will lose their jobs.

“Everyone should have a choice as to what to inject into their body,” Bridges said. “This is in emergency use, it has not even been approved by the FDA.”

Bridges says it will not get the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine. Plus, Bridges believes there are over a thousand other Houston Methodist employees who won’t get the shot either.

“The rest of my life is more important to me than staying with the Methodist,” Bridges said. “I’ll get another job. I’m going back to the bartender. I don’t care what I do, but I’m not risking anything on some of the experimental vaccines.”

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