Deaths due to drug overdoses have risen to record levels amid pandemic lockdowns, new CDC data shows

by Brad Bulombo

With each passing day, the number of lives lost in deaths related to COVID-19 continues to grow dramatically. However, in a less noticeable but equally important trend, we continue to gain insight into the countless deaths caused by lockdown measures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus.

The latest entry in this tragic account is a new dataset showing a spike in drug overdose deaths in 2020 amid the height of the pandemic lockdown.

“New data shows that more Americans died from drug overdoses in the year leading up to September 2020 than in any 12-month period since the opioid epidemic began.” Axios Reports. “The stubborn increase in“ deaths of despair ”shows that the opioid epidemic still has room to grow and that some of the social distancing steps we have taken to curb the epidemic may have caused fatal side effects.

Released this week by the Centers for Disease Control, and Numbers It showed that at least 87,000 people died from overdoses from October 2019 to September 2020. This is a 29 percent increase over the same period the previous year.

Image Credit: Axios

How do we know that pandemic lockdowns are most responsible?

Well, this includes the period measured Spring and Summer 2020, the two pandemic periods so far where lockdowns have been more stringent and widespread. And the, Axios ReportsWhile deaths from drug overdoses began to rise in the months leading up to the epidemic … The biggest spike in deaths occurred in April and May 2020, when lockdowns were tighter. (Confirmation to me).

at the same time, Studies show That people used more drugs during the pandemic and were more likely to use them on their own – increasing the risk of fatal overdoses. These trends are clearly driven more by isolation, despair and loneliness due to pandemic lockdowns than the virus itself.

Of course, more drug overdoses are not at all what the proponents of strict lockdowns want. In most cases, they sincerely wanted to protect people. But good intentions do not guarantee good results, and sweeping government action will always strike more than just the nail you are targeting.

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“Legislators need to be fully aware that every human action has both intended and unintended consequences,” Anthony Davis and James R. Has been explained. “Humans interact with every rule, regulation, and system imposed by governments, and their reactions lead to outcomes that can be very different from those intended by lawmakers. So while there is a place for legislation, this place has to be defined with extreme caution and tremendous modesty.”

The unprecedented sweeping government shutdowns have been only cautious and modest. And while The actual public health benefits of the lockdowns are unclear, The unintended fatal consequences they cause are painfully obvious.


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Brad Bulombo (Embed a Tweet) Conservative editorial journalist and political reporter at the Economic Education Foundation.

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