Creative ways to earn ACE Continuing Education Credits

Instead of viewing learning as something they “have” to do, successful people in every industry view it as an opportunity to learn something new and exciting that will either help them in their business or help their clients get more out of their services (ideally, on Both). For health coaches and exercise professionals, this could mean anything from sales and marketing training courses to certification in communication and behavior change. When well chosen, continuing education allows you to build on an existing skill set or expand your skills in entirely new areas.

Ace Deals A wide range of continuing education opportunities. From the ACE Specialty Programs and the ACE CEC Club to the offerings of some of the most respected teachers from around the world, there is something for everyone.

You might be surprised to learn that ACE also offers an opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) through some unconventional channels. Here are the creative ideas for earning CECs:

Up to 2.0 CECs

  • Pass another ACE certification exam: Earn 2.0 CECs to successfully pass an additional ACE certification exam.
  • Passing college courses from an accredited college / university with grade “C” or higher: The courses must be related to your ACE certification. University advising classes do not automatically qualify for CECs; However, you can petition for approval. Semester = 1.0 CEC per unit. Quarter = 0.8 CECs per unit.

Up to 0.5 CECs

  • Give professional presentations: You may earn up to 0.5 CECs for a professional fitness-related presentation or lecture at a conference or seminar.
  • Write a course by correspondence: To qualify, you must be the sole author of all learning objectives, course content, and correspondence exam.
  • Obtaining another fitness certificate: ACE offers CECs to earn all fitness certifications accredited by the National Commission of Accredited Agencies (NCCA).
  • Publication: You might earn 0.1 CEC per article published in a fitness-related journal, 0.2 CEC per chapter published in a fitness-related book, and 0.5 CEC for any fitness-related book or research paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. The date of publication must coincide with the renewal period.

Up to 0.2 CECs

  • Take part in clinical observation: You may earn 0.2 CEC by observing clinical procedures or surgeries related to your degree.
  • Full Paid Training Courses Related to Your ACE Certification: You can up to 0.2 CECs to complete a paid training. For a completed internship to earn college credit, see the college course information in the “Up to 2.0 CECs” section above. If your training is associated with an undergraduate course, you cannot receive additional CECs for training if you have already received CECs for the course.

0.1 CEC

  • Participate in community awareness: You can earn 0.1 CEC per rejuvenation session by participating in a fitness-related event in your community.

Take a look How to develop a continuous education strategy For more ideas on your professional development.

ACE has created a course for personal trainers and group fitness coaches to help navigate your next steps as an ACE certified professional. Check out our 1 credit hour courses to learn more about how to prepare your career and clients for success.


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