COVID Experience: Are You Covered?

What ingredients are in the shot? What do you offer? Will you be impregnable?

What are the known and unknown consequences of the test stab? What if something goes wrong?

To answer these questions, in the defense of your health, it may be helpful to apply Donald Rumsfeld’s famous axiom during 2002. Briefing of the Ministry of Defense:

There are known things, things that we know and know; And there are known unknowns, things that we know we do not know. But there are also unknowns, things that we do not know and do not know. – Donald Rumsfeld, February 12, 2002, Pentagon news briefing

If you agree to be the subject of a trial, does your insurance company cover you for any unexpected damages? Are you in a world a favour or Unidentified people? Or somewhere in between?

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1- Determine the known elements:

For several months, the major media outlets have declared themselves the guardian of your health information for all things related to Coronavirus. I first mentioned that Pfizer and Moderna COVID injections do not prevent infection Coronavirus. Later on, they were Not sure if their product prevented the transmission. Then a study in April 2021 mentioned that COVID variants can still infect people who have been vaccinated. The story changed again in the same month, “A new study shows that the Pfizer vaccine prevents transmission. “

This is a world a favour , With the caveat of that What we know can be transformed at any moment.

Transmission what exactly? Who do you know.

For several months, the mainstream media has promoted the transmission of a “killer virus” but failed to indicate that the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has never been isolated. In the December 2020 investigations, “There were no calculated 2019-nCoV isolates available.” See CDC Document December 2020, page 43. The document also indicates that testing for “the virus” is totally inadequate. Page 41: “This test cannot exclude diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.”

If there is no known virus, then There is no accurate test, How is an effective viral vaccine available? Hence, an experimental vaccine!

The real threat could instead be bacteria, as suggested by Dr Fauci in A. 2008 The Journal of Infectious Diseases ArticleAbout the last big pandemic?

Could the real threat be the advertised cure?

In January 2021, CNN reported:Don’t be alarmed if people start dying after getting vaccinated. “Thats did it Deaths are now rising in Brazil?

Could the real threat be the big three vaccine makers, PfizerAnd the Johnson & JohnsonAnd the AstraZenecaWhose rap sheets are they, so long that they make mobs look innocent? Moderna claims her vaccine really isComputer operating system. Is this a reason More side effects than others?

For several months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have quietly reported this on their website Only 6% of deaths over the past year were due to a symptom called COVIDMeanwhile, the media and the government have reported that 97% of people infected with COVID have survived flu-like symptoms. Throughout this time, Anthony Fauci has never retreated from his opinion of March 26, 2020 NEJM That “Covid-19 may ultimately be akin to severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of about 0.1%).”

Stories are spread around People who have been vaccinated against Covid have tested positive for Covid. There are two possible reasons for this result:

  1. Recipients who wore the mask for months in an effort to prevent transmission SARS – COV I just injected the protein sequence into their body.
  2. Microbes transform to adapt to their surroundings just as humans do. Variables are always expected, especially after vaccination.

It is known among the vaccinology community that Vaccines cause variants, Just like they did with Bordetella whooping coughA bacterium blamed for whooping cough, which has adapted to tolerate the vaccine. In other words, the vaccine ended up reducing the effectiveness of the vaccine by creating stronger bacteria. According to the authors of 2013 New England Journal of Medicine a studyB. Conditioning of Pertussis for Vaccine Selection Pressure. Reality, Vaccines reduce the body’s innate immune systemYour natural defense system.

Second. Recognition Known Unknown

Here come the variants!

Experts say The last British variant B.1.1.7 is the most contagious and most widespread variant of the virus that they cannot isolate. Why do scientists sound the alarm about variants when they know how to hatch?

It is to accustom people to the idea of ​​a multi-future Various vaccines Which creates new variants?

The informational message is “Expect to be sick”.

What exactly? Who do you know.

Known Unknown They are mixed messages. The contradictory messages preserve the specter of confusion and fear. It’s all propaganda. In the United States, it is legal for the government and the media to work together to propagate the American people. Look Smithundt Modernization Act of 2012.

For several months, the government and the media have built a plot to compel US citizens to accept a new type of vaccine through reporting A national shortage of COVID shots, and then Global shortage. At the same time, they did not disclose it COVID-19 experimental shots, Unacceptable By the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). that FDA OK Not official approval. As of April 2021, The Food and Drug Administration has approved one antiviral drug called Veklury (Widely known as remdesivir) to treat COVID. All COVID injections only Emergency Use Authorized (EUA). How do they protect you? How does it affect your insurance coverage? See part three

Is Covid a humanitarian or military operation?

Why did you Moderna fails to disclose $ 20 million of DARPA To develop the vaccine patent technology used today? Analyze the language used in the media. Serum Designation In many parts of the world it is used in battle Against Covid. For example, listen to This interview is with the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organization:

These vaccines are being widely deployed ……. the benefits clearly outweigh the risks, nothing is 100% safe … we need to be monitored. We have asked countries to intensify their safety monitoring…. But at the present time, it is clear that the risk profile is in favor of the vaccine … Ten thousand people die every day and the vaccines are very effective … * It is effective in people over the age of 65 and under the age of 65.… we have to be careful. We don’t want to overwhelm people by causing anxiety. There are actually a lot of people who have questions and are not sure about the effectiveness of vaccines because they were developed with record speed … We need to reassure people and make sure that vaccines are widely used by the population otherwise we will not achieve the goals we want to control this epidemic. Dr Somia Swaminathan, Senior Scientist at the World Health Organization

*Note: The CDC reports that 8 out of 10 COVID deaths are It has been reported in people over the age of 65.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tell you what to inject: Coronavirus disease. Then, in a joint statement, they turn around and ask you not to have an injection due to “rare” cases of blood clots. First AstraZeneca confirmed A possible link between her injection and blood clots. since then, 18 countries have suspended their vaccine. Then, Johnson & Johnson targeted And the Wisconsin temporarily discontinues its use.

Still, the European Union’s pharmaceutical regulator Alternative experimental vaccines are recommended. The World Health Organization confirms that all vaccines are safe.

While the mainstream medical officials like Dr Fauci insists that mRNA will not modify a person’s DNA, National Institutes of Health (the organization that Fauci is partnering with) He explicitly admits it.

The mainstream media publish that you should expect to get sick after the injection if your immune system is working properly. Then the letter confuses the question, If you do not get sick after the injection, does that mean your immune system is not working? See Part Four for another answer.

While many people Known Vaccines and their help generally do harm autoimmune disease, Basic Unknown Is that Vaccine companies are not responsible for infections Or the deaths caused by their products. In other words, You can’t sue vaccine makers for side effects or direct effects Of their products. Nor The government compensates you for any damages. So who is responsible for the damages?

You, the recipient, bear all risks.

What do you think?

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