Congressman reveals billion-dollar vaccine company ties to Facebook fact checker

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On Wednesday, Congressman Thomas Massey – Who is famous for his call, how to see it – He tweeted a surprising claim about, one of the most prominent “fact-checking” groups on Facebook. In short, Massey claimed that the vaccine validation claims are being partially funded by an organization that owns more than $ 1.8 billion in shares in a vaccine company.

Who pays fact-checkers’ salaries? “The afactcheckdotorg vaccine fact-checkers, who claim to be independent, are funded by an organization that owns more than $ 1.8 billion in shares in a vaccine company, and is run by a former CDCgov director,” Massey wrote, adding.

In his tweet, Massie has been linked to an article from That clearly identified communications. People on also gave their opinion on the topic, linking to their Financial Supporter page confirming their ties to the industry.

According to their own source, is partly funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to the institution 2019 financial statement, The project has more than $ 1.8 billion in equity in the company, Johnson & Johnson, which manufactured COVID-19.

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Furthermore, the foundation’s CEO is Richard Peaser, the former acting director of the CDC under Obama and the former medical editor for ABC News. According to the article in The Blaze, Congressman Massey has personal ties to as they allegedly run a hit piece on it.

Representative Thomas Massie CDC forced to correction A report indicates that there is evidence that current vaccines on the market can transmit a greater degree of immunity than previous infections. can’t let Massey slip away from its market share of donors by convincing people with previous infections to get vaccinated, so the site Books hit piece He should try to suggest that he was wrong.

With More than 3,400 deaths have been reported And tens of thousands of adverse reactions have been reported to CDC monitoring system – It is known that only a fraction of these events are reported – how can we allow the government to actively work with the monopoly of companies and technology, with funding from the beneficiaries, to censor important data, science and medical information? We’ve already seen the government temporarily suspend one vaccine, while the Pfizer CEO has conveniently waited for people to actually absorb. Say They’ll need a third shot, and probably more. Nothing to see here? As pure as snow moved by the winds?

Anyone who doubts the safety of the vaccine on the Facebook platform is immediately slapped with a validation warning on this group. This is despite the alarming number of adverse reactions reported, including thousands of deaths within the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

As TFTP mentionedThe sheer number of reports alone should be enough to set off some alarm bells. But this did not happen. Rather, the major media “Validate news” Those who are only trying to point to this information.

In many of these data validations, we are told that we should not “draw conclusions about the safety of vaccines”. This is entirely true, but the primary reason VAERS was created is to conduct monitoring for potential problems with vaccines. If more adverse events are reported in three months than in any year since 1990, this should, at the very least, lead to a formal investigation.

From 2011 to 2020, only 994 deaths were reported to VAERS after all vaccinations. In the first quarter of 2021, more than 2,700 deaths were reported. If they really claim to be monitoring the vaccine safety field, that’s the kind of thing that should trigger an alarm or an investigation.

But we haven’t seen one. Rather, the trend News Validation Articles Shoot so you don’t conflict with the actual data and instead wonder how other people are viewing it. While much of the data has been misrepresented to prove a misleading point, verifying the facts without questioning the increase hurts the follow-up of investigative journalism.

While we do not have direct evidence that vaccine manufacturers dictate the narrative to fact-checkers, the old saying “follow the money” is there for a reason. Moreover, fact-checking groups like and Politifact have no problem Self-embrace Nature and if we look at their history, their political tendencies are overt.

It is always a good practice to check multiple sources for information and never rely on one source for your exposition to the world. As fact-checkers and the mainstream media have proven, nobody gets it right all the time and gets it wrong It’s often great for business.

Source: Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist is an honorably demobilized veteran of the USMC and a former intelligence operator assigned directly by the NSA. This past experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been a freelance journalist for over a decade and has appeared in major networks around the world. Agorist is also the general editor for The Free Thought Project. Follow MattAgorist on TwitterAnd the Steemit, And now on Minds.

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