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by Patricia Burke

Earlier in the week We reviewed Paul Broder’s work In the 1970s, before the age of the Internet, YouTube, and downloadable PDFs.

Unfortunately, if Paul Brodeure was writing today about the dangers of asbestos, power lines and electromagnetic fields, it is possible that his work will never be seen by the public, due to the demise of investigative journalism by the mainstream media, and control by corporations; and oversight.

Fortunately, there are many skilled, competent and serious individuals out there who provide tools to the public so that they are better acquainted with the issue of wireless. The work of these generous individuals is never included in Google Alerts (which reports the plot line from the TV show The best of Saul on demand such as EHS “News”).

Their insights and contributions will not appear in mainstream news alongside 5G mobile announcements. As Ray Beller pointed out, “It’s not easy to get information.” These individuals and groups deserve recognition for their valiant efforts to serve the common good, at a time when recognition and Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

California Eric Windheim He is a highly respected EMF consultant. His website Notes,

I decided to become a Certified Construction Biologist (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiator (EMRS) for many compelling reasons that all pointed in the same direction. In 2008, I was involved in electrical power quality and how it affected the longevity of computers and other electrical equipment. This led to my realization that the human body is a living biological masterpiece made up of 70 trillion cells with a delicate electrochemical communication and management system, and was also greatly influenced by electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). The cells of the body cannot hear their distinct but very low energy electrical signals when they are overcome by the man-made EMF, moreover, the body does not have a defense mechanism against EMF pollution. Unlike biological pathogens, genetic mutations, or chemical toxins, for which the human body has defense, repair, and filtration systems, it has no defense against electromagnetic fields and is subjected to exhaustion, irreparable damage or destruction. EMF toxins can kill you or at least shorten your life. It is only a matter of time and level of exposure to know what kind of damage will appear along the way and who will get hit first. My dad was a senior vice president of a top ten architecture firm, and he designed and built his second dream home in 1965 that he and my mom lived in until disease and death drove them out. When my mother, who never smoked or drank, died of recurrent cancer in 2010, and my father suddenly suffered greatly, too, I had an electromagnetic toxicity assessment in their home. The level of polluting electricity was 196 times higher than the danger limit, and magnetic fields were 2.4 times higher than the level of severe anxiety. If only I had known beforehand, this could have been avoided. My father made an immediate but partial recovery as soon as we got him out of the house.

for him YouTube channel It offers many short and informative videos.

Detecting dirty electricity with AM radio outside the house

New Mexico Arthur Furstenberg author The invisible rainbow, the history of electricity and lifePhi Beta Kappa graduated from Cornell University with a BA in 1971, with a major in mathematics, and a minor in physics; Excellence in all subjects. He was also awarded a Westinghouse Scholarship for Laboratory Research in Electrophysiology at Downstate Medical Center, State University, New York where he was a Research Fellow from 1966 until 1969. He attended University of California, Irvine School of Medicine from 1978 to 1982 when he had an X-overdose From the spray shortened his medical career. He founded the Cell Phone Task Force in 1996 in response to the health and environmental threats posed by the launch of the wireless revolution in the United States. In 2018 launched An international call to stop 5G on Earth and in space. His website is The Cellular Telephone Task Forcewhere his Newsletter archive It can also be displayed.

The Wisdom Series – Tradition Episode 272 The Amazing Truth About Electricity and Electromagnetic Fields with Arthur Furstenberg

North Carolina Andrew McAfee Home EMF Tracking Occupations change in response to becoming sensitive to electricity. He now teaches, writes and conducts EMF/RF investigations. His website explains, “What can actually cause stress and chronic inflammation.” All homes must be wired with a metal-sheathed (MC) earth cable to contain electric fields. Offers many solutions in his country kill the current Book series.

He believes that the most harmful source is the contact current, since the current is literally flowing through us. The stopped current also removes dirty magnetic and electric fields. Earthing systems are never supposed to carry current, but they do so all the time. Power companies, in order to save money on their transformers, lobbied for electrical code to require that the neutral wire (return current wire) be connected to ground at the mains breaker, and at each transformer. This multi-layered neutral system pollutes the entire Earth’s ecosystem with current. current flow multiply mole This illustrates and reveals amazing current contact information from EPRI. Other sources? Earthed shielding paint and well and sump pumps. Loops on HVAC/furnaces, gas and water bonds, connections between service panel and subpanel and interior trailers with frame-mounted hardware. Variable frequency drives and devices often leak current into equipment grounding conductors. Solve? Andrew’s recommendation: watch out for NCB (ARS), a patent pending device, compliant with NEC code 250.6, UL certified, prevents current on grounding conductors but provides an effective ground fault path for circuit breaker trip. This provides a basic solution for those who need to have a very low magnetic field. Many easy to access and understand Online videos Available to everyone in Brighton.

Current Killing Series

Rhode Island: Stephen Dahl Read an article in 2005 in columns Journal about Dr. Henry Lai, who was blacklisted for finding DNA breaks from Motorola cell phones. Hmmm, I think. But he did a quick Google search, and it seemed to be doing just fine. But his view eventually changed when a baby girl arrived. As a stay-at-home parent in 2009, he read a letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics advising the FCC to update its wireless standards because children are not adults and can be disproportionately affected by radiofrequency radiation (RFR). Therefore, guided by the precautionary principle, he turned off his cell phone, connected his home computer to a hard machine, and switched landlines to replace cordless phones. In 2016, while working 20 hours a week at the public library, he developed insomnia, heart palpitations, stomach cramps, headaches, brain fog, memory problems, dyslexia, irritability, pressure in the back of his eyes, and other problems. He realized that he was working within ten feet of the Wi-Fi transmitter of the entire library, and that these symptoms were work related and improved at home, especially when he wasn’t working that day. He wakes up to the idea that he has microwave disease, also known as electroconvulsive hypersensitivity (EHS), and is working on the wireless problem with his colleagues at

Dr. replied. Zack Bush: Mitochondra! Zach Bush, MD in EMF Radiation and Electricity Pollution

Other significant communicators: (alphabetically)

David Ashton, UKKeeps a private file Facebook social networking site Publishing links to resources for important news developments in other countries

Fleming Bleacher Danish Telecom Engineer, Video #1: History of the ICNIRP Guidelines Fantastic video series

Lloyd Burrell, AustraliaAnd the Electric Sense

Dr. Paul Dart, OregonAnd the Certification to the FCC restore health

Andre Foto, Canada, from La Maison du 21e siècle is a prolific dialogue, with his work published in

Reda Kanjavi, Switzerland, EMF (5G, WiFi…) Swiss human rights scandal / Schweiz and all over the world

Joshua Hart, California, Stop Smart Meters has created a website that records the battle of smart meters in California, accommodations lawsuit He beat his own utility company for failing to provide an analog meter

Jerome Johnson, California, EMF . analysis and EMFC 2019 An engineering approach to the healing and prevention of electrical allergy by Jerome Johnson

Robert F. Kennedy He faced massive censorship, which led to the development of his own news platform defender To defend children’s health.

don’t miss in Australia

Albert M. Manville US Fish and Wildlife Service 8 research papers

Dr. Anthony Miller Cell phone radiation is likely to be a human carcinogen. The precautionary principle must be applied now.”

Lloyd Morgan Senior Research Fellow at the Environmental Health FundAnd the and author of two legislative acts obligating the collection of cancer registration data for all brain tumors, malignant and non-malignant, one in California and one in the USA.

Joel Moskowitz Maintains safety site from electromagnetic radiation.

Ray Piller Discusses the Cell towers and schools At the Dover Sherborne Cell Tower Information Session

Elisir Phillips Powerwatch Qualified in both electrical, electronic and agricultural engineering, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of Children with Cancer UK and has been instrumental in helping to organize international conferences on children’s cancer.

Louis Slesin It publishes widely respected microwave news.

Josh Del Sol‘s The first documentary wasregain your strengthAbout the smart meter disaster. He also participated in the 5G crisis summit, and is now working with “Solutions for Humanity.”

In addition, the platforms in Post activist, The Environmental Health Fund(founded in 2007 by the late David Servan Schreiber, MD, and the late Ronald B, Herbermann, MD, with Devra Davis), EMF WarriorsAnd the natural fireAnd the Organic consumersAnd the Sky Vision Solutions (The truth about smart grids),technocratic news, The Weston Price FoundationAnd the 5G crisis, The biology institute building, And the Among the many groups addressing the emerging issue of electromagnetic/RF/5G pollution.

Organized by the French association Cœurs d’EHS 4The tenth Annual World Electrical Allergy Day on June 16.

Stop 5G International: Call to Globally Synchronized Solstice Imagine Meditation, moving forward from a higher perspective

The recording of the guided meditation in mp3 format lasts for 18 minutes; Please start listening to the recording 11 minutes before 3:32 (UT), i.e. 3:21 UT. (or at another convenient time for you).

Download an MP3 recording of guided meditation

This will correspond to,

20:21 PST (June 20);

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For other time zones not listed above, you can find the corresponding local time in world clock.

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This is part of the 5G series for Father’s Day that you can read in full Here

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new limits for biologically based microwave radiofrequency exposure. She resides in Massachusetts and can be reached in [email protected]

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