Coca-Cola with Coffee Review – Play, Repeat, and Repeat

Coke with coffee ?? Yeah. Coca-Cola has a new line of drinks called ‘Coke with Coffee’. Since I’m a fan of Coke Zero and Iced Coffee, I bought a box of Dark Roast and Vanilla Zero to try the review for you.

Have you tried them ?? Let me know your thoughts!

Coca-Cola Review Notes with Coffee:

  • I bought these at Ralph in Southern California. Their product finder says they can’t locate online retailers nearby, but they are available at my local store (so maybe just not online for some reason).
  • They were less than $ 3.00 each.
  • There are 5 flavors available: Dark, Vanilla, Carmel, Dark Zero, and Vanilla Zero
  • I try Dark Zero Sugar and Vanilla Zero Sugar in the video.
  • It tastes like you accidentally poured Coke Zero into your cup of iced coffee and didn’t realize there was still coffee in it.

Coke with an iced coffee review

Coca Cola with Coffee – Nutrition and Ingredients

Here are the nutrition stats and ingredients for Coca-Cola Dark Blend Zero Sugar. I said in the video that it doesn’t explain how much caffeine is in the can, but it is on their website.

Coke Zero Dark Nutrition Coffee

Coca-Cola with Coffee Vanilla Zero Sugar – Ingredients and Nutrition Label

Just like the bold (and Coca-Cola Zero) mix, this one contains no calories. Here are the stats … Coke Zero Coffee dark feed review

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