Cicily lost 56 kg and shares her top tips for losing big numbers!

Weight loss

Cicily Goodwin has transformed her body – and lost 56 kg through 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

A mother of two from Nambucca Heads reveals that she has suffered from hypothyroidism and often does not see the results of her hard work. But all this changed when I came across the healthy mummy.

Find out how I managed to lose big numbers below!

Cicily lost 56 kg and shares her top tips for losing big numbers!

How Cecily lost big numbers during the 28-day weight loss challenge

This stunning mom reveals that she was buying maternity clothes when she was at her heaviest.

“I used to buy maternity clothes just because they were flexible and forgiving. Now I can buy skinny jeans,” Says. “I used to buy stiletto lingerie, and now I buy everything I want because it comes in my size.

“I used to wear a size 24 tights, and now I can put both of my legs in one hole in my leg.”

Not only has her health and fitness changed forever, but her confidence has improved, and she looks amazing!

Cicily lost 56 kg and shares her top tips for losing big numbers!

Cecilie’s most important advice

“People often ask me how motivated I have been throughout my 56 kg weight loss. There are many ways to motivate yourself on this journey.”

1. Remains carefree

2. Break it

“Think about where you want to be by the end of the year, then figure out what you need to do each month to get there.

So in January 2017, I committed to reaching my target weight by December, which I found was 35 kg away. Then I divided that into what I need to lose monthly and weekly. When there’s a lot to lose, the big picture can seem overwhelming. Keep this ultimate goal in mind, but put your focus and energy in your weekly goals! Just focus on breaking this week. “

Cicily lost 56 kg and shares her top tips for losing big numbers!

3. Rewards

When I weighed 128 kg and started losing weight, it was exciting to see the scales going down, but I still couldn’t see them. So, to stay motivated, I decided every 5 kilograms I lost would reward myself. That was something like buying a new dress, getting my nails done – things that made me feel beautiful and reminded me of my progress. ”

4. Motivation councils

“Creating a visual canvas filled with positive and inspiring images, quotes, words, etc. is a great way to maintain motivation. You can create new things anytime you feel unmotivated.”

5. Diary

“Use a mummy health diary or a diary to write what you do every day. I like to write a checklist such as; Today: Drink 3 liters of water, go for a walk, have 2 pieces of juice. Etc. and check it while I go.”

Cicily lost 56 kg and shares her top tips for losing big numbers!

6. Moderate weight loss that can be achieved

If your journey is long, you don’t want to struggle all the time, so don’t aim for very high goals like losing 2 kg per week. Not achieving your goals can be disheartening, so create attainable goals while still enjoying the things you love in life (in moderation) like having a meal outside or a glass of wine on the weekends.

7. Understand that there will be setbacks

“Weeks of rest have passed, and there have been weeks where I have actually gained weight, but that’s okay! Because life happens, and we want to enjoy it when it happens. So just remind yourself, ‘You’re only one day late’ or ‘You’re only one week late’.” That if you prepare and give your best, you will catch up and stay on track to achieve those long-term goals! ”

8. Taking progress photos weekly

Take a picture on the timer in the same position and with the same type of clothes every week. I did this first thing on Monday morning after I weighed myself. It’s great if you look back and think about your results, and it always gives you an idea of ​​where you are – the scales may not move but you may notice that you are changing your body! “

Cicily lost 53 kg and decreased 6 dress sizes in 15 months!

9. Eat the food you love

“If there is something in your meal plan that you aren’t passionate about, get it out! Fill your meal plan with things you want to eat, count down to try, that way you’re more likely to stick to your plan and never stray from boredom!”

“These are all the things I’ve done throughout my journey to keep me motivated. When you lose big numbers in particular, it’s very important to invest in yourself. It takes time, and it takes energy, but that’s what keeps you on the right track.

“This is what causes you to break those goals. So take the time to support yourself, because you are the only one who can do it, so give it your all!”

Are you ready to start losing weight?

Do you want to change your weight but feel that you have no time in your day to exercise and eat healthy food?

This is where the mummy is in good health 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I can help.

What do you get? You can access:

  • 28 days of home workout (no gym needed) – with video instruction
  • Customizable breastfeeding meal plans
  • Time-saving workouts for busy moms – under 30 minutes
  • The challenge combines Pilates, interval and circuit training (HIIT) exercises
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels.
  • Home to thousands of easy-to-prepare recipes.

Find out more about joining the 28-day weight loss challenge.

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