Cicily lost 53 kg and lost 6 dress sizes in 15 months!

Cecily Goodwin claimed a whopping 53 kg and managed to achieve it in just over a year!

The mother of two from Nambucca Heads reveals that she has suffered from hypothyroidism and often does not see the results of her hard work. But that all changed when she signed up for 28 day weight loss challenge!

“I used to blame my problems on others, and now I realize I was unhappy with myself but was too much in denial to see them,” Cecily says.

Sicily before and after

Cecily reveals that she used to buy maternity clothes when she was at her heaviest weight.

“I used to buy maternity clothes just because they were flexible and indulgent. Now I can buy skinny jeans,” Says. “I used to buy stiletto underwear, now I buy whatever I want because it comes in my size.

“I used to wear size 24 tights, and now I can fit both legs into one hole in my leg.”

Cicily weight loss

But now Cecily says she has taken over her body and made herself responsible!

“I remember being very self-conscious the whole time. I always feel uncomfortable. Always blaming others for my own problems. It wasn’t a life. No life at all” Says.

“People ask me how do I find motivation. How do I keep going. I just don’t have it naturally. If I did, I wouldn’t have reached 128kg. I’m making it!”

I make myself excited.
I make myself positive.
I make myself keep pushing.
I make myself resist.
I make myself get up at 4.45 am to walk.
I make myself plan for the future.
I make myself fight excuses.

I make it happen!

“Stop waiting for an answer to hit you in the face and start creating your own results!”

Dealing with her hypothyroidism

Thyroid function and our health can have a significant impact on metabolism, weight loss and overweight. Unexpected weight gain and difficulty losing weight for example, can be one of the first visible signs of a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism.

Sicily He faced hypothyroidism for some time. For Cecily, that means she finds a weight that’s easy to carry and hard to shift.

“When I found out I had thyroid issues, I didn’t really understand how much it was affecting my life” Cecily says. “But I was tired the whole time.”

“It was frustrating when I worked so hard and didn’t see results.”

Cicily finally stumbled across 28 day weight loss challenge She says she started making a more conscious effort to check and monitor what she was eating.

Meal preparation

I found the challenge It is the most effective program with my thyroid issues,” she says.

“Hypothyroidism means that I have to avoid a lot of foods, and also strive to eat a lot of certain foods. This is where the Challenge Recipe Center is.” It was amazing! I can look for specific ingredients,” Says.

Things like dairy, eggs, nuts, beans, chicken, beef, seafood, and most vegetables are good for thyroid health. Gluten is something I try to avoid completely, soy I restrict and make sure I eat fermented, organic or GMO-free. Highly processed foods also affect the thyroid negatively, too.”

How Cecily Overcame Obstacles in Her Weight Loss Journey

Cecily says we are all human and it is natural that we are not perfect.

“We can only do the best we can and it is also best to set realistic goals,” Says.

I aimed to lose 700g of weight per week. This means that if you go on vacation or have a bad week and get off track, you can make up for that next week.

“It may not sound like much but 700 grams is over 36 kg in a year – that’s a lot!”


How did Cecily stay focused throughout her journey

The 23-year-old revealed that meal prep and the support of The Healthy Mummy helped her reach her goals.

“Having a community of women that depend on them for support is absolutely amazing,” Cecily says.

“You watch a lot of moms doing this with you and helping you along the way. You can see their stories and their low and high points.

“We all encourage and support each other while achieving our dreams. I have lifelong friends through this support group.”

What is more, Cicily states that the file 28 day weight loss challenge Not a diet but a lifestyle change!

“I lost a lot of weight with The Healthy Mummy. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a new world. But that’s not the cool part about it.” Cecily says.

“It’s not the number on the scale that makes me happy…it’s walking past the mirror and I don’t hate what I see!”

For more information on the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge – watch the video below. Sign up for the challenge here.

To find out more about our products – head over to the Healthy Mummy Shop.

28 day weight loss challenge

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